Alipay, Apple, Amazon,, OKEx, Coinbase and Binance have all obtained the exemption of digital currency related payment service published by the Monetary Authority of Singapore

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has officially released the list of exempted companies that have been granted licences to operate payment services. The entities on the list have obtained licenses and operations for specific payment services or digital-currency-related payment services during the exemption period, and Singapore entities including Alibaba, Alipay, Amazon and other large institutions are on the list. Traditional entities like Apple and Vivo are also involved in related fields. Nearly 200 companies, including the world’s top platforms, Coinbase, Binance, Upbit and others, are allowed to operate legally under the exemption before their licences are issued.

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Omar, CEO of, who worked for Huawei for 10 years overseas, said the strategic focus of in 2020 after seven years of safe and stable operation will be compliance and globalization. In addition to Malta, other regions have long been in the works and applications have been made for operating licenses in Singapore. This year, will continue to focus on ecological construction and user experience, while taking full advantage of the international team in operation, including accelerating the process of overseas globalization in the greater China region and deeply exploring the southeast Asian market. group is the world’s leading financial service provider of blockchain and digital assets. Its business covers the upstream and downstream of the blockchain industry, including digital asset trading platform cluster, electronic wallet, investment fund and research institution. ZB group takes Singapore as the operation center, and has business in the United States, South Korea, Hong Kong, Dubai, Switzerland and Malta. is one of the world’s top four comprehensive trading platforms, and the world’s largest QC liquidity trading platform. It has been operating safely and steadily for 7 years, serving over 10 million users. Its average daily volume is more than 3 billion US dollars, and the transaction shares of BTC, ZB, EOS and XRP are among the best for a long time. has launched a total of 94 trading currencies /190 trading pairs, and opened four trading areas — QC, USDT, BTC and ZB. offers one-stop services for digital assets such as spot trading, OTC trading, leverage trading and wealth management lending.

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