AMA:Centrality(CENNZnet) — — to spread blockchain technology to the world
4 min readAug 28, 2020

Today (August 27), announced that Centrality (CENNZnet) 43% off subscription will start from 16:00 to 16:30 today, and subscription will be available on ZB APP ZAPP “DeFi Express”.The subscription price for CENNZ is about 0.046 USDT. After opening for 10 seconds, the total number of subscribed persons exceeded 200% of the original plan. By 16:15, the total amount of subscribed persons had reached 308%, and the winning rate was 32.46%.

On the same day, at 3 PM(GMT+8), launched Centrality (CENNZnet) AMA in the APP hot chat group, with the topic: Centrality (CENNZnet) — spreading blockchain technology to the world, and invited CMO of Centrality to share.

The following are the highlights:

Opening and self-intro

Host: Good morning, everyone! I am ZB VIP Customer Director Journey, and I am the host of the AMA.Today we are honored to have CENNZ, an established project that has been launched since 2018, and we have the CMO of Centrality Nicole Upchurch to share with us about Centrality, a project dedicated to building blockchain ecosystems.

Centrality is a New Zealand-based blockchain platform developer, famous for having a presale that raised 15mil USD and a TGE that raised a further 80mil USD. And it has built an extensive ecosystem of successful ventures and established partnerships with global companies in each field, including Coca-Cola Amatil, Verifone, Windcave, Wanda Group, Polkadot, McDonald’s China, Vodafone, Ford, Heineken, and KFC.

First of all, let’s welcome the guest to introduce herself.

Guest: Hello everyone! My name is Nicole Upchurch, thanks for having me in your channel. I’m currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Centrality and I work on CENNZnet, PL^Gnet and with the 20+ ventures in our ecosystem.

I’ve worked in the tech industry for my entire career, but the work that I’ve done with Centrality is my career highlight. Our team of world-class devs have created some of the most innovative tech on the market.

1. Host: Ok, now let’s enter the Q&A section. Can you give us a brief intro about Centrality?

Guest: CENNZnet enables consumers to manage everyday tasks and experiences through a blockchain-enabled peer-to-peer infrastructure. It has a growing portfolio with over 20 applications, each working and generating value independently, as well as enabling growth for one another.

2. Host: What makes Centrality different from other projects?

Guest: Centrality ecosystem was designed with users at heart. It’s focused on mass consumer use cases and increasing the general population’s access to blockchain, beyond simple currency use cases, like Bitcoin. We believe the future of blockchain is in useful applications you can use every day.

Centrality’s network has been built with all the common services developers need for applications already built into its core, like identity, exchange, payments, communications etc so that you don’t need to build those contracts yourself and can focus on the things that make your DApp unique. It’s like a WeChat platform where mini DApps can easily be created.

3. Host: What is your next big milestone that all our community members should pay attention to?

Guest: We recently launched our mainnet and are now focusing on the move to public staking so that our token holders will be able to transfer their tokens into the network and start earning real block rewards.

4. Host: Sounds exciting! How does the company plan for community reward?

Guest: CENNZnet operates on a dual-token economy. CENNZ for staking and governance, and CPAY for network transactions and block rewards. Anyone with CENNZ can stake their tokens to earn block rewards.

The demand for CENNZ will increase as more users join the CENNZnet network and generate more activity in the form of transactions. CENNZ tokens will be required to join CENNZnet as a validator. Staking your CENNZ enables you to participate in the network consensus by securing and governing the network. It also provides you with block rewards in the form of our fee token, CPAY.

We on target to hit over 1 million active DApp users next year, which will mean a lot of transactions on the network.

5. Host: A million is a big number.Next, let’s takk about a current hot topic.As far as we know, the gas fee of ETH network have reached an unprecedented high.Ethereum network is more and more congested, what do you think of the following market?

Guest: In popular blockchain systems today, the cost of development is variable and subject to external factors, which makes it hard to plan ahead. For example, if the network gets congested for reasons outside the developer’s control, the cost of running my app goes up. At the same time, it’s important to optimise usage of the network and prevent attacks. CENNZnet has been designed to deliver predictable cost and optimal usage, which will appeal to many blockchain projects.

6. Host: Why would Centrality choose to work with

Guest: Founded in 2013, is an old cryptocurrency exchange with 7 years of safe operation was reported by CCN in 2016 as one of the largest exchanges in China;In 2017, It was reported by Nasdaq as the world’s largest bitcoin exchange by trading volume, and now is one of the top three exchanges alongside OKEx and Huobi.Not long ago, successfully concluded the DeFi week activity, which attracted us very much, so we also want to take this opportunity to cooperate with for mutual benefit!


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