Bitcoin halving 2020. Raising a hundred-fold token starts from the ZB fiat currency transaction.

The daily average value of the total market value of global blockchain assets this week was 252.96 billion USD, an increasement of 7.64% from the previous week’s average. The 24-hour daily average volume of the market is 106.698 billion U.S. dollars, 12.48% higher from last week’s average. From today’s performance of Bitcoin at 9:30, it shows that there is a strong upward trend, but above 9600–9900 points hit a severe pressure level, short and short-term kinetic energy is basically flat or in a volatile trend. In the long term, investors continue to be bullish on the halving market in the next 1–2 months. The degree of discount of USDT has been reduced compared with the previous period. The willingness of funds to enter the market has increased, and the market is still bullish, it is suggested that the future market can be bought on the bargained.

In contrast to the international financial market, A-shares opened a daily of 2,900 stocks of a share fell today. The Shanghai Composite Index fell by 7.7% during the day, with a minimum of 2716 points. This morning at 7 A.M. gold broke through to a new high of 1593, and then fell slightly. It is expected that the next few days will still be mainly volatile. The USD / CNY fell below the 7 yuan mark, and upward momentum remains.

The BTC halving market is approaching, and the recent market recovery has also provided investors with more suitable prices. At present, it is still a good time to invest in digital assets such as BTC. Long-term currency holders can consider fixed investment or bargain hunting.

According to ZB market data, BTC prices have risen from US $8772 to US $9360 in the past week, a cumulative increase of more than 13%. According to the blockchain project analysis and disclosure platform ICO Analytics compared to the January 2020 BTC and mainstream platform currency gains report, ZB trading platform topped the list of the world’s top five.

ZB points rose 44%, BitMax, Binance ranked third and fourth, Huobi rose 24%, OKEX rose 23%, and their increases exceeded BTC.

The mainstream assets prices have also followed up to varying degrees: ETH, LTC, and EOS all have increased by more than 10% in the past 7 days.

BTC / USDT daily chart

ZB ( is one of the top 5 digital asset trading platforms in the world. It currently ranks 6th on CoinMarketCap, 4th in Feixiaohao comprehensive ranking, and 4th in Jinse Finance. Since its establishment six years ago, ZB ( has provided investors with a comprehensive one-stop digital asset trading service.

For this year’s halving market outbreak, if you want to layout early:

ZB ( provides a powerful OTC fiat currency deposit channel. You can directly use 7 payment methods such as Alipay / WeChat / Bank Card to directly purchase up to a dozen cryptocurrencies, including BTC, USDT, QC, ZB, ETH, EOS, etc.

If you are new, the following tutorial will teach you how to buy your first Bitcoin on ZB (For more details:

  1. Visit the official ZB website:

2. You can log in by registering your account using email and mobile phone number.

3. Click [Buy Digital Currency] and complete all identity authentications as required.

4. Select BTC, you can find the price, quantity, transaction limit and payment method (support Alipay, WeChat, bank card) corresponding to the seller.

5. After the payment was successfully done, wait for Bitcoin to arrive, and click [Asset] in the upper right corner to see how many tokens are in the account.

6. Go to the [Markets] area to buy other digital currencies.

If you are a senior player and want to magnify your revenue:

ZB ( provides 3 times leverage trading, supports two-way short and long, leverage covers almost all mainstream digital assets, and some innovative digital assets. During the Spring Festival, ZB launched interest subsidy activities for platform lending products, and used the automatic lending function of leverage to conduct leveraged transactions with a daily interest rate of 0.03%. The daily interest rate will return to normal after the event ends at 24:00 on February 22, 2020.

Halving the market is coming, if you want to improve asset utilization:

ZB ( provides comprehensive digital currency loan services. Borrowing USDT / QC from the BTC mortgage for realizing consumption, or continuing to buy more BTC (equivalent to increasing leverage) which can also magnify the income, and also lend out tokens to other users to make money.

About ZB (

As the world’s top 5 digital asset trading platform, ZB ( has been established since 2013 and provided digital asset trading services to more than 10 million people worldwide. It has a history of more than 6 years of security operations and average daily transaction volume of more than 3 billion U.S. dollars. ZB, EOS, XRP mainstream currencies have topped the list for a long time.

ZB ( currently has a total of 93 trading currencies / 188 trading pairs, and has opened QC, USDT, BTC and ZB four trading zones, providing one-stop services for digital assets such as spot trading, fiat currency trading, leveraged trading and wealth management and lending.



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