Biweekly Report (April 6 — April 19)

Section 1: ZB Token Trends

1. According to the official announcement of, launched the eighth issue of community voting from 14:00 on March 26 to 14:00 on March 28. In the end, KPG won with 2004,556 votes. officially opened KPG deposits and withdrawals at 14:00 (Hong Kong time) on April 13, and launched KPG trading pairs at 14:00 on April 15.

As the dark horse of the public chain in 2020, KPG Kunpeng public chain has been making global arrangements since the end of 2019. It is understood that it has reached strategic cooperation with ZB Capital, Crypto Vision, TsingTech Capital, Skylines Capital and other head investment institutions, with a total investment amount of tens of millions of CNY.

2. On February 9, the well-known cryptocurrency analysis organization ICO Analytics released a tweet with comparing web traffic dynamics of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms in February and March 2020, and it shows that traffic growth is + 40%, obtaining the first increase in the four first-tier exchanges, with the total traffic ranking the world’s ninth.

Source:ICO Analytics

3. On April 13, went online with the function of “One-click exchange USDT”. Users can pay USD to buy PAX (stablecoin anchored to USD) on the official website of PAX, and then change to USDT on, so as to achieve profits through arbitrage.

If there is no USD account, the user shall apply for USD personal account in advance

Apply for US account — online account application is supported

Recommend Velo East West Bank:

Apply for HongKong bank account — domestic account application is supported

Hong Kong bank account application tutorial:

Meanwhile, during the event from April 20 to May 19, users can enjoy 50% off service fee of One-click exchange USDT as low as 0.25%.

4. On April 16, released an official announcement that, ZB Pool officially become a TrueChain committee node, will open TRUE staking mining service in the near future. ZB Pool will continue to promote the construction of the TrueChain community with rich experience in on-chain governance and node operations, and further enhance the participation of the TrueChain community, expand network performance and improve community consensus.

In addition, ZB will support TRUE staking mining service and share Staking dividends. TrueChain is the world’s first public chain that implemented fPoW+DPoS hybrid consensus and has a strong global open source developer community supporting it. ZB Pool is actively deploying innovative consensus currencies that support PoS/PoS-like mining. ZB platform will release TRUE staking mining services to promote the prosperity of the TrueChain’s ecological.

5. On April 17, CryptoDiffer, a well-known foreign market website, published a ranking on the growth rate of the market capitalization of exchange tokens, and the ZB token ranked the first with a 340% increase, ahead of other four first-tier exchanges.

Source: CryptoDiffer

Section 2: Operation Trends

1. On April 8, officially launched the first phase of “ angel” recruitment program. In order to rapidly promote and expand the global business and scale of, better promote the ecological development of the exchange and improve user services, recruits angels for the broad crypto space, the recruitment period is from April 8 to June angels enjoy the following rights:

(1)Become a global partner of ZB and enjoy up to 100% commission rebate

(2)Participate in high-end events with internal invitations

(3)Enjoy one-on-one VIP service

(4)Have the right to recommend projects

(5)Personal APP hot chat qualification, with million traffic support

(6)Enter the BTC investment master 3 o ‘clock sleepless hot chat group with gaining the limited invitation right.

For more information please visit:

2. At 8pm on April 13th,’s crypto influencer hot chat AMA was successfully launched. This AMA invited Patrick, director of KPG foundation, to discuss with Journey, business director of major customer of, about the topic: after the investment of ZB Capital, Crypto Vision, TsingTech Capital, and Skylines Capital, KPG Kunpeng public chain, which locates the industrial blockchain, is on the way to break its deadlock for large-scale commercial use.

At the same time, this AMA synchronizes to the overseas English community.

3. On April 13, 2020, was officially granted a US MSB license. MSB, or Money Services Business, is a type of financial license issued by the financial crimes enforcement network (FinCEN), an agency under the U.S. Treasury Department .It mainly regulates businesses and companies related to money services, including digital currency and digital currency trading, ICO issuance, foreign fiats exchange, international remittance and so on. Previously, also obtained a waiver from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to operate digital payments. In the future, will focus on localizing compliance operations in more countries around the world and integrating into local communities.

4. The third issue of “ crypto influencer hot chat” AMA organized by was successfully held at 20 o ‘clock on April 14th. This AMA invited Er Dan, gold medal lecturer of Lao yu and Lin Mu, chief analyst of Gold Rush Era College, to share investment bible with’s hot chat and online community users.

5. ​​At 8pm on April 19th, the LTG AMA organized by was successfully held. This AMA invited Kadi, operations director of LTG kyrgyzstan foundation, to share the history of hard disk mining of LTG, the first distributed storage public chain, in the APP English community with dropping a number of LTG lucky envelopes.



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