Biweekly Report (Aug 1 — Aug 15)

Section 1: Platform Trends

1. launched the subscription activity of Filecoin’s six-month futures FIL6Z at 20:30(GMT+8) on August 5, and the subscription price was 105QC for one FIL6Z.Users can subscribe on the newest APP’s FIL6Z/QC trading page.FIL6Z was sold out a second after it was opened for subscription. FIL6Z/QC trading was opened at 11 am(GMT+8) on August 6, and the trading limit was set 43 seconds later, and then the trading limit was set for four consecutive days.Considering that Filecoin has not been launched yet and the investment risks are high, combines the same 20% rise and fall limit mechanism as A-shares in order to protect users’ funds and reduce investment risks.FIL6Z, full name: Filecoin6Month ZB, is a futures product specially launched by, which can be circulated on ZB, ZBG and BW platforms.

The full name of IPFS is InterPlanetary File System It was a project launched by Protocol Labs.Protocol Labs was founded in 2014 and is based in San Francisco, California.Launched in August 2017, the program raised more than $200 million in 30 minutes from top investors including YC Combinator, Winklevath Brothers funds, Sequoia Capital, DCG Group and others.

According to the official announcement, has opened spot trading and double leverage trading of FIL6Z/QC at 11:00 am(GMT+8) on August 6, 2020.

2. On August 7, announced that FIL6Z has been warmly welcomed by investors since its launch. In order to meet the demand of investors,, together with ZBG and BW, introduced more official SAFTs and launched a new round of FIL6Z subscription at 21:30(GMT+8) on August 10, 2020, with the subscription price of 200 QC.Users can subscribe on “FileCoin Express” ZAPP page on ZB APP.

3. On August 14, announced that to meet the transaction needs of users, has adjusted the borrowing limit of USDT/QC leverage transaction, and the maximum borrowing limit of USDT/QC leverage has been increased to 1.5 million for USDT and 10 million for QC.

Section 2: Operation Trends

1. At 20:00 on August 3, successfully launched the first AMA of Filecoin week in the chat group of its APP. The topic is: What is Filecoin (Distributed Storage)? invited the core developer of Guava Pool Li Bai, general manager of ZBG Xiang Xiang, COO of Spaceflight Cloud Technology and operating partner of FILPool Hu Feng, founder of MiLin Finance Tan Lin, CEO of BW Global Cathy share wonderful contents.

2. At 20:00 on August 4, the second AMA of Filecoin week was held in the hot chat group of APP as scheduled. The topic is: How does the global epidemic affect Filecoin?Will the mainnet go online as scheduled? invited COO, co-founder of KeJi Planet Crystal, founder of 1475 Fund Shawn , co-founder and VP of Star Nest Lily to discuss and share. The discussion was highly received by the community.

3. At 20:00 on August 5, the theme of the third AMA of Filecoin Week was to predict the future price trend of Filecoin, and the topic was Shared by senior observer of IPFS Zhang Dongning, , founder &CEO of Xianhe System Zhang Rihe, and founder and chairman of Mikecrm Hou Feng.

2. At 19:00 on August 13, Journey, VIP client director of, was invited to Bishijie APP AMA . And the topic is: The next ETH? Century chain Filecoin has spawned futures products.When sharing the uniqueness of’s futures product FIL6Z, Journey said: First of all, is an old-established exchange with a history of 7 years. During this period, no fund safety accidents occurred, which is stable and reliable, and its payment ability is beyond doubt.

Secondly, FIL6Z launched by can be circulated among multiple platforms of, ZBG and BW with high liquidity.

In terms of redemption, unlike the Filecoin 12-month futures and Filecoin 24-month futures launched by other exchanges, FIL6Z is Filecoin 6-month futures. Users only need to wait for 6 months after the mainnet is launched to receive all the redeemed Filecoin tokens.Moreover, began to pay 1/6 of Filecoin one month after the launch of Filecoin’s mainnet. Users can participate in spot transactions of Filecoin faster. And the last but not least, payment for FIL6Z is covered by SAFT agreement.

3. on August 14 at 16:00(GMT+8), Journey, VIP clent director of, was invited to LianAn Finance AMA. The topic of sharing was: constantly capture two crypto hotspots in the first half year of 2020. and’s social trading APP attracted many people’s attention.When sharing the advantages of’s Savings products, Journey said:’s Savings is one of the main financial management mechanisms of, including QC, BTC, USDT, FIL6Z, DOT and other 22 currencies are included.The funds can be deposited and withdrawn at any time, and user begins to receive interes on the third day, which is very suitable for safe and stable investment users.The most important factor of the financial products on the trading platform is safety. The interest rate of’s Savings is lower than the interest rate of leveraged transactions, so there is no problem in payment.

4. At 19:30 on August 14, Jessica, commercial director of ZB Group, was invited to participate in the online AMA of the Sermon Blockchain community. The theme of sharing was: Will Filecoin be the next hundred times coin?Filecoin futures FIL6Z launched by rose by the daily limit for five consecutive days.When sharing what other fields will arrange on Filecoin in the future, Jessica said that has now launched “Filecoin Express” in the APP, which covers all Filecoin activities, market quotes, consulting, financial products, hot chat and so on, serving as the transaction assistant and communication community for Filecoin investors.And after launched FIL6Z subscription activity on August 5, has now launched FIL6Z’s Savings.The interest rates on Savings come from the interest on leveraged transaction, so the payment is promised.Savings of FIL6Z gives users two gains — a rise in the price of FIL6Z itself and interest on the platform, which is perfect for prudent investors.



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