Biweekly Report (June 15 — June 30)

Section 1: Platform Trends

According to ZB’s official announcement, ZB launches “GUCS Purchase Discount” activity on June 22. To thank ZB users for their support, ZB now launches “GUCS Purchase Discount” activity jointly with GUCS team, offering 1 million USDT worth GUCS. User can purchase at 90% discount and 95% discount of the market price respectively at 19:30, June 24. For more details please visit ZB official website.

Section 2: Operation Trends

1. On June 22, at 20:00, Blocklike invited Omar Chen, CEO of ZB, to discuss the changes and insists of the seven-year-old exchange ZB.

2. According to officials, the twelfth’s hot chat AMA was successfully launched at 20:00 on June 23, founder of GUCS Brian was invited to share on the live broadcast. The topic of this in-depth dialogue is “The new opportunity of inclusive Finance and blockchain”, and in-depth discussion was conducted between Brian and Journey, ZB big customer director. GUCS is a professional digital asset inclusion financial service platform created based on blockchain technology, allowing users to enter the digital asset field with low threshold. Through the complete intelligent credit investigation mechanism on the GUCS chain, GUCS establishes a unified global credit investigation standard and realizes global financial integration, digitalization, transparency and standardization.

3. To celebrate the 7th anniversary, ZB organized “New Infrastructure, New Opportunities” and ZB 7th anniversary online summit, which was successfully held on June 28–30.

The summit is a high-end brand conference customized for the 7th anniversary of started on June 28, 2020 and last for three days, with two forums each day.The summit is in the form of live streaming, and each main forum has over 10,000 person-times.

ZB 7th anniversary online summit invited top scholars, experts and industry leaders from around the world, including Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver and Cointelegraph Chinese CEO Vadim.

On June 28, at the beginning of the first summit forum, Omar Chen, CEO of ZB, gave an opening speech, in which he explained the reasons for the steady development of ZB. “ZB transaction security has many strict risk control and security assistance functions;The core technologies of the wallet and hosting services are also at the core of ZB’s seven-year history, and our hosting services also serve many leading exchanges.”

Since its establishment in 2013, ZB trading platform has been in safe and stable operation for 7 years, providing high-quality digital asset trading services to more than 10 million users worldwide.

4. The second blockchain New Finance Summit of Chain Plus was successfully held on July 3–4. ZB, Huobi and OKEx attended and delivered speeches to give industry insights as the head exchanges specially invited by the summit. Omar, CEO of ZB, was invited to give a speech: 7 Years, Just the Beginning. He explained that the key to ZB’s safe operation in the past 7 Years lies in its excellent team, technical research and product focus, so that ZB was rated as one of top 5 by CMC in 2019, and ZB was rated as one of the most popular head exchanges by Russian foreign media in 2020 Q1.

The second Chain Plus Blockchain New Finance Summit in 2020, with the theme of “Restructuring a new generation of Financial infrastructure”, invited domestic cutting-edge experts and scholars in the financial industry and science and technology field and top practitioners to jointly discuss China’s innovation and development in the new blockchain financial era.



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