Biweekly Report(Mar 9 — Mar 22)

Section 1: ZB Token Trends

  1. On March 12, ZB Token was introduced in a research report by Coincodex — Top Exchange Coin Performers Since 2019. The report describes, “With a market cap of $150 million, ZB is the 42nd largest cryptocurrency, but things were far from okay at the beginning of 2019. In the first 1.5 months,’s coin lost 30% and almost produced a new all-time low. Shortly after that, ZB gained momentum and by the end of the March, rose to $0.40… 2020 brought new strength as ZB advanced close to the all-time high of $0.44. “

2. ZB Token was launched on Homiex trading platform on March 12. On March 10, the global Top100 trading platform Homiex announced that it will open ZB Token deposit and withdrawal at 10 o ‘clock (UTC+8) on March 12, and ZB/USDT and ZB/BTC trading at 14 o ‘clock (UTC+8).

HomiEx, a blockchain digital asset international station for global users, is registered in Singapore by Nanyang technological university-backed founders and his teams. HomiEx provides spot and derivatives trading services for a wide range of premium digital asset categories, with users in 39 countries.

3. ZB token was launched on the LOEX trading platform on March 18, and opened for deposit and withdrawal at 10 o ‘clock and ZB/USDT trading at 14 o ‘clock.

Section 2: Trends

1. According to official announcement, ZB officially started The Seventh Vote for Listing at 14:00 on March 10, 2020 (GMT+8). The winning projects of this round will be listed on for trading. The community can participate by voting with ZB Token. The projects eligible for this round’s community vote are as follows (in no particular order):


2.Electroneum (ETN)

3.Living the grace (LTG)

In the end, LUCKY won by a whopping 100 times the votes of the third-place finisher. LUCKY received 2002,691 votes, second-place LTG 827,321 votes and third-place ETN 27,775 votes. According to’s voting for listing rules, projects with more than 2 million ZB votes will be eligible for listing on has now opened deposit and withdrawal of LUCKY, and opened the trading pairs of LUCKY/QC and LUCKY/USDT in the spot trading at 20:00 Hong Kong time on March 11, 2020.

2. ZB Group and Jinse Finance jointly launched an event of “Supporting Enterprises To Fight Against Coronavirus” to help the resumption of work and growth of innovative blockchain enterprises in China. Innovative blockchain enterprise can apply to receive a package of six major benefits provided by

Section 3: Operation Trends

At 20:00 on March 19, major customer BD Journey and Laoyu Shuobi’s golden speaker Big Brother jointly held the trader union open class.The topic is — How to adjust the trading strategy under the unstable and unpredictable market?

In the open class AMA, Journey mentioned’s USDT/QC high leverage trading, “under the current market, some investors lack confidence and are afraid of operational errors, but in the case of the trend is unclear, it is recommended not to operate blindly.

At this time, we can actually consider protecting the principal, or choose a relatively low risk more stable products.In this month’s ups and downs, everyone saw the USDT premium space is quite large, the current dollar exchange rate around 7 CNY, the USDT premium as high as 7.8 CNY. Sell short at the high point of the USDT by using 10x leverage trading of the USDT/QC on And buy long at low price. It also can realize considerable income. At the same time, this USDT/QC 10x leverage trading is currently free of charge on “



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