Biweekly Report (October 16 — October 31)

Section 1: ZB Trends

1. On November 16, released the app update with version number 5.0. It is reported that this version has made important updates to the trading section. Using the floating trading interface, the trading interface can be called out at any time on each main page, which is faster and more convenient; Optimized the columns of available assets, price limit and plan entrustment method, loan amount, etc. to make the information clearer; Optimized the leverage operation to make it more convenient; optimized the ZAPP application section to enable investors to more quickly enjoy multiple digital currency value-added services besides trading. In addition, this update also adds a new full position leverage, which makes the use of funds more efficient, without the need for complex asset transfer and conversion.

2. On October 22, supported depositing ZB and QC to mine DIP. It is reported that ZB DeFi one-stop mining will support ZB and QC mining DIP on October 22. Users can open ZB APP to enter ZAPP to find DeFi mining, deposit ZB or QC to participate in DIP mining and earn DIP.

3. On October 30, APP version 5.0 upgraded the friend function. It is reported that, in order to provide users of APP with a more user-friendly and smooth product experience, the APP version 5.0 has upgraded the Friends function. Use your personal “invitation code” to invite your friends to register for a Chinese currency account and download the Chinese currency app version 5.0. After successful registration, the “inviter” and the “invited registrant” will automatically become APP friends. The APP friend function supports mutual exchange of currency red envelopes with 0 withdrawal fees and exclusive private chat.

Section 2: Platform Trends

1、 On October 17, launched RTF project. Rocket Finance, or RTF for short, originated in South Korea. It is an aggregated liquidity mining platform built on the TRUE network. It combines the characteristics of DeFi projects such as YFI and hopes to provide users with tools to maximize the benefits of DeFi mining.

2、 On October 19, opened the 1:1 exchange of QFIL and FIL in advance. It is reported that in order to protect the rights of QFIL users in advance, QuickCash will open the free exchange of QFIL and FIL at 15:00 on October 24, 2020, Hong Kong time after the end of the Filecoin launch week. There is no need to wait 15–30 days for the exchange. At that time, users can exchange QFIL and FIL 1:1 in the QuickCash cross-chain exchange in ZAPP.

3、 On October 21, opened QFIL-DeFi mining and launched QuickCash cross-chain exchange for ZAPP. It is reported that DeFi one-stop mining will open QFIL-DeFi mining at 20:00 on October 19, 2020, Hong Kong time. Users deposit QFIL to participate in DeFi mining to obtain DeFi coin revenue. In addition, the China Currency APP will also be launched on QuickCash cross-chain exchange ZAPP, and currently supports FIL exchange for QFIL.

4、 On October 22, launched the M project. Metcalfe Token, abbreviated as M, is an ecological credit issued based on the Metcalfe Chain (MTC) smart traffic chain, and it is the equity certificate of the MTC community. MTC’s new generation of intelligent traffic applications aggregate public chains, and is committed to cracking the core pain points of blockchain large-scale traffic applications. The MTC intelligent traffic chain proposes the distributed intelligent traffic pool MTCENGINE, the mergeable governance structure MER and the Metcalfe token model, adopts the MBFT consensus based on distributed traffic management, and is compatible with IPFS and cloud computing architecture.

5、 On October 22, launched “ZB Special Rewards for Special You: Activity Two”. It is reported that the event officially opened at 14:00 on October 22nd, Hong Kong time. Users can share a total of 700,000 QC rewards by depositing FIL to redeem QFIL, participating in QFIL-DeFi mining, and retweeting event news to Twitter.

Section 3: Operation Trends

  1. At 18:00 on October 19th, the online live broadcast with the theme of “In the DeFi boom,the future prospects of rocket RTF mining” was successfully launched in the 10,000 people hot chat group on the China currency app. This live broadcast invites RTF initiator Sue Lim to share with Jessica, Business Director of ZB Group.

2. On October 20th, CEO Omar was invited to participate in the Block Global ECO Summit. Omar expressed his views on the topic of “How Centralization and Decentralization Are Fusion”:”Defi is a useful supplement to CEX. Although CEX has had frequent accidents recently, CEX must be the leader and promoter.’s main security architecture and risk control system are very rigorous.Currently, is mainly operated in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Recently, the new version of APP also launched the ZAPP of DEX, and users can directly enter DAPP and various DeFi projects. “ And pointed out in the round table of “New Transactions, Digital Assets Take Advantage of the Trend”:”Currently, among the 300,000 daily active chat users of APP, the current proportion of DeFi group chats has dropped to less than 20%.But DeFi is still a track that continues to be worthy of attention. At present, ZAPP (similar to the APP Store) plans to launch DEX wallet address services to conduct centralized and decentralized full-scene trusted asset management. “

3. At 17:30 on October 22, the online live broadcast with the theme “MTC Launches First China Currency Exchange AMA Special” was successfully launched in the China Currency APP 10,000 hot chat group. This live broadcast invites MTC technical consultant Rocky to share with Jessica, Business Director of ZB Group.

4. At 13:50 on October 25th, Jessica, the business director of ZB Group, was invited to participate in the “Delimax Meetup” hosted by BTS LABS.

5. At 20:00 on October 30, CEO Omar was invited to participate in Hong Kong Blockchain Association HKBA & Mars Finance “DeFi VS CeFi Subversion or Integration” Xiangjiang Forum. And in the forum to share the views called “DEX will reform CEX?”.

Section 4: Other Trends

1. On October 22, officially released the first issue of the blockchain science column titled “DeFi is not a utopia”.

2. On October 30th, officially released the second phase of the blockchain science popularization column called “Oracle”.



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