Biweekly Report (September 1 — September 14)

Section 1: ZB Token Trends

On September 6, discloses the repurchase information of ZB Token (ZB) in the third quarter of 2020. has repurchased 22,731,092 ZB Tokens and the repurchased ZB tokens are burned. After the burn, a total of 14.9606 billion ZB tokens are burned.

ZB Token Burned address:

1: 0x8c572469f25336c7fb962b8f98c8232329343274

2: 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000001

After the burn, the circulation information of ZB (ZB Token) will be as below.

1. Max Supply: 630,393,910 ZB

2. Circulating Supply: 398,501,310 ZB

3. ZB Customer Protection Fund: 231,892,600 ZB

4.The Contract Address of ZB Token

ZB Token Contract Address: 0xbd0793332e9fb844a52a205a233ef27a5b34b927

Customer Protection Fund Address: 0xe3ecccd6c67da25871fc5ff9a32a6f5c379167a6

Section 2: Platform Trends

1. On September 1, launches the 2nd round of deposit activity for DeFi hot projects. During September 1, 16:00 to September 3, 16:00(UTC+8), users are welcome to deposit the related DeFi project tokens to, when the deposit number of users and deposit value meet the specified requirements, will list the USDT trading pair and open an exclusive Hot Chat group for the eligible project. Users who deposit the related tokens or trade the related token on will be able to share a bonus pool of $150000 crypto rewards! Deposit Currencies of the 2nd round of deposit activity are YFI, YFII, SNX, BAL, ANT.

2. On September 3, launches DeFi mining service and launches DeFi Mining ZAPP on September 3 18:00.Due to the high degree of professionalism, technical and investment risks of DeFi investment, the mining products launched by ZB is a form of proxy investment, which greatly simplifies the investment process and make investment decision on behalf of customers. 90% of the mining return will be directly attributed to the customers, and 10% is used for risk deposit, ZB mining rewards and operating expenses. Due to high returns and high risks of DeFi mining, the first mining product adopts a single limit and total investment limit mechanism. After the investment is mature and stable, the limit will be gradually released. At the same time, will launch an independent application for fully self-controlled investment Defi. We will fully embrace DeFi and make the best blockchain service platform combining centralization and decentralization.

The first DeFi mining product is to deposit ETH to get rewards DeFi, the total investment amount is 5,000 ETH. The second DeFi mining product is to deposit ZB to get rewards DeFi, unlimited total investment amount. will provide 20 million USDT worth of blockchain assets (about 140 million QC) for DeFi Liquidity Mining. The mining revenues plus 5% of other pools will be used as the source of bonuses for the ZB pool. The specific opening time of the second DeFi mining will be announced separately.

Entrance to participate in ZB DeFi Mining: ZB APP — Information — ZAPP — DeFi Mining

3. On September 7, ZB-DeFi Mining Adds DMD, ULU and Will Open DMD, ULU Trading.

About DMD(Dmd.Finance) is the first yield farming on EOS, which shows its respect to YFI. No pre-mine, no founder shares, no VC interests, equality for every participant.

About ULU(Universal Liquidity Union)

Universal Liquidity Union (ULU) is the bridge to every coin. ULU aims to combine the best features of Uniswap and Balancer and route everything via the ULU token as medium of liquidity exchange.

4. On September 9, crypto loan service has supported ZB Token, user can stake ZB tokens to borrow QC or USDT, or stake QC or USDT to borrow ZB tokens.

5. In order to increase the liquidity of fiat trading, and facilitate users to deposit and withdraw funds quickly and safely, launches an OTC verified merchant recruitment activity on September 9. There are many benefits during the event, and users with strong and experienced fiat currency transactions are welcome to apply for verified merchants.

6. On September 10, has upgraded its DeFi one-stop mining service.

(1)Update of fund deposit and withdrawal rules: Users can deposit funds to participate in DeFi mining at any time. When you withdraw funds, if the deposit time is less than 7 days, a certain fee will be charged (please check to the notice in the mining page on ZAPP for details), and if you withdraw funds after 7 days from your deposit, no fee will be charged.

(2)Mining pool information update: The personal daily income details are displayed in the “Income Details” of each mining pool page. The mining pool page also displays today’s estimated income and estimated real-time mining data. The specific income is subject to the actual distribution.

7. launches USDT-DeFi Mining service at 18:00 on September 11, 2020(UTC+8). There are currently no limit for total investment amount and single participant and deposit time in USDT-DeFi Mining. User can deposit USDT to participate in DeFi mining and receive multiple DeFi tokens.

(1) Deposit USDT to get multiple DeFi tokens. There is temporarily no limit for total investment amount, single participant and deposit time, and the minimum investment amount for the mining is 1 USDT. The USDT-DeFi mining support for multiple DeFi tokens, and the specific income distribution will be based on the income distributed by the mining pool.

(2) Users can deposit funds to participate in DeFi mining at any time. When you withdraw funds, if the deposit time is less than 7 days, a certain fee will be charged (please check to the notice in the mining page on ZAPP for details), and if user withdraw funds after 7 days from deposit, no fee will be charged.

8. SWRV(Swerve DAO Token) has been added for ZB-DeFi mining on September 14. has opened SWRV deposits and will open SWRV/USDT trading at 16:00 on September 14(UTC+8).

About SWRV(Swerve DAO Token)

Swerves is a fork project of Curve. Swerve uses fair token distribution, no pre-mining and private placement, and is completely owned by the community. Swerve allows users to provide liquidity to Swerve to obtain ySWRV tokens, and then mortgage them into SwerveDAO to earn SWRV tokens.

Section 3: Operation Trends

  1. At 16:00 on September 3, an AMA with the theme of The mainnet and pledge for mining of CENNZ was successfully held in official telegram group. And was very honored to invite CENNZ CEO Aaron McDonald to share the topic with Journey, VIP customer director.

2. At 18:00 on September 11, an AMA with the theme of Science and technology put people first, and EP has made a leap was successfully held in APP hot chat group. And was very honored to invite Damo, EP Evangelist, researcher of Hainan Pilot Blockchain Research Center to share the topic with Journey, VIP customer director.

3. According to Executium’s ranking on web traffic data of major crypto exchanges, ZB has a 19% growth in web traffic for August, marking three months of positive growth and staying in the top 10.

4. On September 15 at 14:30, Omar, CEO of, was invited the Ostrich blockchain broadcast room to share the theme of CEX’s defense war. Jiu Er, the partner of, He Wei, the co-founder of LBank, and Bonham, the partner of BKEX also participated in the live broadcast. is the world’s most secure digital trading platform, facilitating the trade and management of digital assets from all corners of the globe.