Biweekly Report (September 15 — September 30)

Section 1: ZB Token Trends

  1. On September 30, issued an announcement regarding the expansion of ZB application scenarios and the addition of smart contract addresses. The announcement stated that in order to better support DeFi scenario applications, swap transactions, and allow some public chains/cross-chains to support ERC20 ZB Token, has appropriately adjusted the ZB Token contract address and generated 200 million on the new contract address (0x5a9c8c6406d341a16aa3010108026f45fc372168) .

ZB Token can be used for decentralized transactions, and the 200 million ZB Tokens on the old contract address (0xbd0793332e9fb844a52a205a233ef27a5b34b927) will be destroyed within two working days. Destruction address: 0x8C572469F25336c7fB962B8f98c8232329343274.

In this adjustment, the name, total issuance and circulation of ZB Token have not changed, and ZB transactions, recharge and withdrawal of platform users are all operating normally and will not be affected.

After adjustment, the circulation of ZB Token is as follows:

Maximum supply: 630,393,910 ZB

Total circulation: 398,501,310 ZB

User Protection Fund: 231,892,600 ZB

The specific contract address is announced as follows:

ZB old contract address: 0xbd0793332e9fb844a52a205a233ef27a5b34b927 (430,393,910 ZB)

User protection fund address: 0xe3ecccd6c67da25871fc5ff9a32a6f5c379167a6 (398,501,310 ZB)

ZB new contract address: 0x5a9c8c6406d341a16aa3010108026f45fc372168 (200,000,000 ZB)

2. On September 30, released the ZB smart contract based on TrueChain. The announcement is expressed as enriching the application scenarios of ZB and supporting the ecological construction of TrueChain. has released TrueChain-based ZB smart contracts with a total of 40 million ZB Tokens and the contract address is 0x25A59078E24f37100D2d617FEE2D12A7729debb8.

The ZB platform will destroy 40 million ZB Tokens corresponding to the original ZB contract address (0xbd0793332e9fb844a52a205a233ef27a5b34b927) and open the ZB deposit and withdrawal business based on TrueChain.

Section 2: Platform Trends

1. On September 16, opened the QC-DeFi mining service, with no restrictions on the total amount, single-person quota and deposit time. Users deposit QC to participate in DeFi mining and can earn DeFi coins daily.

2. On September 17, due to the surge in platform data, carried out database expansion and partition upgrade at 2 am on September 17. Because of the synchronization error during the upgrade of the database, the data was disordered. Subsequently, after about 48 hours of endless struggle, the technicians finally successfully repaired the error and fully restored the platform operation.

During this period, Omar, the CEO of, conducted live broadcasts on multiple platforms many times, answering questions for users, pacifying users’ uneasy emotions, and using practical actions to crush various rumors. Omar even fell asleep during the live broadcast due to a lack of rest for about 48 hours, and was called the most responsible embodiment by the industry.

3. On September 22, launched the user feedback event month, and the first three-link welfare program: DeFi mining airdrop 10,000 QFIL event. took out 10,000 QFIL airdrops for DeFi mining ZB and QC zones from 12:00 on September 22 to 12:00 on September 30. During the event, users can participate in mining by depositing funds in the DeFi mining ZB or QC zone. In addition to daily income of DeFi coins, they can also receive additional QFIL airdrops from At the same time, QFIL is also online trading on

About QFIL

QFIL is a Filecoin token based on the ERC2.0 version launched by QuickCash. The current total supply is 10,000, which can be exchanged for FIL 1:1 after the Filecoin mainnet is launched. QFIL will be traded online on the platform. The initial reference price of QFIL is about twice the price of FIL6Z.

Section 3: Operation Trends

1、 At 14:30 on September 15, the online live broadcast with the theme of “CEX Defense” was successfully launched on the ostrich blockchain. This live event invited CEO Omar, partner Jiu’er, LBank co-founder He Wei, and BKEX partner Bonham to share.

2、 At 15:00 on September 16, the sharing theme “DeFi liquidity mining, is it the future or a short carnival” was successfully launched in the 10,000 hot chat group of the’s APP. This live broadcast invites guests such as VP of Asia Pacific Neaco, Wing project initiator and Ontology DeFi ecological leader Nick Zhang, Bridge Fans promoter and Taiwanese blockchain angel investor Micah and ForTube co-founder Xu Chao shared with Journey,’s group business director

3、 At 20:00 on September 23, the online live broadcast with the theme “Genesis Innovation of DeFi” was successfully launched in the’s APP 10,000 hot chat group. This live broadcast invited Bridge Fans promoter Micah and’s group business director Jessica to share.

4、 At 11:00 on September 28th, the online live broadcast on the topic of “Deipool’s future planning, how to break through from the DeFi industry” was successfully launched on the’s APP 10,000 hot chat group. This live broadcast invites Henry Leung, a Bachelor of Finance from the University of Hong Kong and a Master of Computer from Stanford University, to share with’s group business director Jessica.

5、 At 14:00 on September 30th, the online live broadcast with the theme “Whitecoin’s DeFi Cross-Chain Ecology” was successfully launched on’s APP 10,000 hot chat group. This live broadcast invites Global BD Director Crypto Beast to share with’s group business director Jessica.

6、 According to TokenInsight data, Binance, OKEx and are the top cryptocurrency spot trading platforms in the second quarter of 2020. The result comes from TokenInsight’s analysis of transaction volume, transaction dynamics and user trends.



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