ConsenSys Deploys Blockchain Informational Tool Kit

As the blockchain industry continues to grow, with firms such as Jingdong, Alibaba, Walmart, IBM, and others start to get involved in the industry, it will need more competent individuals to grow and become a mainstay in everyday life.

Freelance platforms such as Upwork note that blockchain expertise is in higher demand and blockchain skills are preferred by an increasing number of employers in the United States and abroad. This trend points to a need for more blockchain talent in the emerging sector that is expected to grow and become a crucial part of the global economy.

The interest in the blockchain is spurred by companies such as Overstock which have created subsidiaries such as Medici Ventures, to explore the full potential of blockchain technology. One can note that traditional exchange powerhouses have also stepped into the sector and seek to capitalize on the financial revolution capabilities brought about by the blockchain.

The blockchain is being tested in voting, in the land registry, in the supply chain, healthcare, fashion, and in other critical sectors of the economy. It is a technology that does more than act as a foundation for distributed public ledgers of private consortiums.

More progress in this sector comes when more talented people join and add value to the industry by pushing the boundaries of knowledge and contributing to its evolution. As more companies explore and invest in this sector that creates a by-product of more entities created by existing employees with new ideas.

That is why this new initiative by ConsenSys is quite likely a significant event in the furthering of blockchain in general society.

The ConsenSys Blockchain and Dapp Developer Job Kit

The Ethereum studio has recently deployed a blockchain and decentralized application kit to help developers get started on their blockchain development journey.

The Ethereum studio has launched the Blockchain and Dapp Developer Job Kit with the intention to onboard more developers into the blockchain economy.

The Blockchain and Dapp Developer Kit is comprised of all the essential materials one would need to be a part of the blockchain developer community. The valuable Blockchain and Dapp Developer Kit will serve as a comprehensive tool in any developer’s arsenal. It includes foundational blockchain knowledge, consensus mechanisms, parties involved in consensus making, the role of security and incentives, the different types of consensus algorithms such as the one seen in bitcoin and Ethereum, costs, scalability and the different kinds of standards present within the sector.

The Blockchain and Dapp Developer Job Kit will provide blockchain development knowledge seekers with more information that relate to cryptography, with keys, privacy, different types of encryption and other key factors.

The ConsenSys informational tool emphasizes the need for programming languages such as JavaScript, data-oriented tools such as Python, in addition to the newer more blockchain native, object-oriented programming language, Solidity. Developers with experience in other languages such as Java, .NET, Ruby, and others will be suited for protocol work in networks such as Ethereum.

What is even more interesting about this new ConsenSys tool is that it provides different references to various employers within the emerging blockchain sector. The toolkit also adds job portals for those who truly want to get a job within the blockchain space.

The company noted or alluded to the fact that it pushed for this initiative because the blockchain is a trending sector. The firm referred to a noteworthy study conducted by LinkedIn that shows the rapid rise of employment opportunities for blockchain developers. The study noted that the industry had more than 29% growth from the prior year.

The Ethereum production studio also referred to other studies conducted within the space by firms such as PwC which notes that more than 70% of company participants have noted their interest in the deployment of blockchain products and technologies. It is important to note that this is a fascinating fact.

Many companies and their interest in the sector can easily be overshadowed by bitcoin and Ethereum price movements, but there’s a strong drive for building with and for the blockchain.

Developers across the world are also looking at blockchain technology and jumping into the sector from a startup standpoint. The explosion of interest sees this trend of Initial coin offerings, the regular Initial exchange offerings, and Security token offerings that are still popular within the cryptocurrency sector.

Blockchain Interest from International High Finance and Governments

The ZB Group has noted in the past how prominent officials in countries such as England, within high banking have suggested the need for independent currencies that may not rely on the US dollar.

They’ve also alluded to the fact that digital cryptocurrencies might serve as a vital factor in establishing a currency that does not negatively affect other countries.

The People’s Bank of China has recently deployed a blockchain-based banking system and is still in the early stages of implementing the mechanism. In the United States, the SEC, different states, and different campaigns are turning to blockchain development professionals and experts to learn more and be hands-on with blockchain aspects such as mining, tokens, and other key activities within the sector.

Additionally, more large-scale corporations such as Telegram, Facebook, and others, pursue large scale efforts to deploy their currencies and blockchain systems to improve user experience and onboard more in the overall ecosystem. As such, the demand for blockchain developers is likely to continue to be high soon.

What is ConsenSys?

ConsenSys is a blockchain software technology company founded and run by Joseph Lubin. The Ethereum development studio is based in Brooklyn, New York, and has offices in other cities across the globe.

ConsenSys seeks to harness the power of Ethereum by building the “infrastructure, applications, and practices that enable a decentralized world.”

The ZB Group Take

The blockchain will certainly add as much value to the world today as the cloud did in its beginning. While one can still find valuable jobs in the cloud sector, the emerging blockchain sector brings with it a vast array of opportunities, in working with firms such as Fidelity, and others. Experts note that there’s more demand than supply; as such, it presents incredible opportunities and rewards for those who would like to get involved in the growing blockchain sector. It is still the very early days of this technology and those who pay attention, learn the skills, have much to gain and give to the entire ecosystem.

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