DCEP will guide the value of Bitcoin in the future. How to find the bottom in advance?

4 min readJul 10, 2020

A few days ago, the Institute of Digital Currency of the People’s Bank of China and Didi Chuxing formally reached a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly study and explore the scene innovation and application of digital RMB in the field of smart travel. The two sides hope to promote the ecological construction of digital RMB platform in diversified travel scenarios through the establishment of cooperative relationship.Smart travel is another innovative scenario for DCEP application. Before this, most scenarios that can be applied by DCEP in the future can be inferred from the invited units in Xiongan city’s pilot presentation on DCEP. When pilot unit, or including China SPV, Jinfeng catering, KaiLi hotel, Oscar studios, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Subway, etc., so DCEP scenario is very widely used in the future.

We can boldly predict that in the future, in addition to consumption and travel, scenarios such as government medical care, wage subsidies, transportation payment and cross-border payment will be realized one by one, covering all aspects of life.Although the People’s Bank of China has made it clear that a central bank digital currency is a digital version of the yuan.It is the RMB, not a new currency besides the RMB, and it is not the same as the Internet cryptocurrency, the Internet stablecoin, the Internet composite currency and so on.But in terms of impact, it is bound to promote the understanding and consensus of digital currency in China.At present, bitcoin is considered by outsiders to be virtual, unmonitored by the state. It’s illegal, a scam and so on.

However, in fact, bitcoin has been developing for 11 years. As the first non-sovereign currency to be so successful, the features of security, stability, freedom and anonymity have been fully played by people.

Therefore, the popularization and use of DCEP (central Bank digital currency) will largely change the outsiders’ perception of digital currency, because bitcoin has never been absent from the development of digital currency and blockchain, and the blockchain technology and digital currency are both extended from bitcoin.

Classical K-line combination teaching:

Some typical K-line or K-line combination will be repeated in the market.If you master these rules, you will greatly improve your investment success rate.When the bottom bullish K-line portfolio appears, this is to tell you the price will soon rise, you need to quickly build a position;When the top bearish K-line portfolio appears, this is to tell you the current investment risk has been large, you need to take profits in a timely manner.For investors who do not understand the language of k-line, k-line is like a book. Some beginners learn some knowledge of K-line, but do not grasp its essence, and are prone to make wrong judgments.It is generally believed that the K-line conveys different information at different prices and at different times.

The sunrise


(1) Appear in the downward trend

(2) It is composed of two K-lines, one red and one green

(3) Firstly a big red line or a middle greenline, followed by the middle red line or a big red line, the closing price of the red line is higher than the opening price of the green line.


This is the bottom signal, bullish aftermarket will be followed.The more the red line is higher than the green line, the stronger the signal.

The dawn is breaking


(1) Appear in the downward trend

(2) It is composed of two K-lines, one green and one red

(3) First a big green line or the middle green line, followed by the middle red line or the big red line, the red line is higher than the green line more than one half.


This is the bottom signal, bullish aftermarket will be followed. The more the red line goes deep into the negative line, the stronger the signal.

Rising positively


(1) Appear in the late consolidation

(2) It is composed of a number of small K-lines, generally no less than 8, and generally small red lines are in the majority, among which small green lines and cross stars can also be included.

(3) The whole arrangement is tilted slightly upward.


Generally this is the precursor of a big rise, if there can be a simultaneous enlargement of trading volume, then the probability of success is very large.

Immortal guiding


(1) Appeared in the early stage of the rise

(2) The volume gradually increased, and the price gradually rose, showing a rising trend

(3) The price of the last K line falls, leaving a long shadow line, the K line can be green or red.

(4) There will be a period of managing in the aftermarket.




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