Forum 1— What is the progress of blockchain under the “New Infrastructure” hotspot?

In June 2013, CHBTC (the predecessor of ZB) was established. In the following 7 years of safe and stable development, ZB has grown into the world’s top trading platform with more than 10 million registered users. Create a real and safe trading environment for users from more than 189 countries, bringing a more professional and efficient trading experience.

This “New Infrastructure, New Opportunities” and ZB 7th Anniversary Celebration is hosted by ZB. The event held on June 28–30, and held twice a day in ZB APP hot chat group and ZAPP (Group Qtv).

The following are the highlights of the Q & A session:

Host (Aurora Wong, vice president of ZB group): Has been attached importance to and gets deployed at the national level in recent years, blockchain becomes increasingly popular among the capital market. Furthermore, during the two sessions this year, block-chain has been historically included in the scope of “new infrastructure”, which will consequently provide a shot in the arm for the certain industry.

The host asked Mr. Xiahu Chu (the founder of Metaverse DNA): From your perspective, is the proposal of “New Infrastructure” a notable signal that a comprehensive promotion of the block-chain industry will be conducted by the government?

A: The new technology infrastructure based on blockchain is a significant part of the new infrastructure. At the same time, it is also the technical ties linking the other new infrastructure fields such as AI, IOT, cloud computing and big data. Therefore, the technological capability and business model of public chain represented by Metaverse DNA are worth expecting because of the still small commercial volume of block-chain industry in “ New Infrastructure” at the present .

The host asked Mr. Chuhang Lai(the founder of IPFS.CN ): This year, filecoin is becoming a hot spot and is expected by the whole industry. After the proposal of “New infrastructure”, do you think it will bring any benefits to filecoin mining?

A: As you said, the filecoin is indeed a hot spot in the blockchain circle this year. Filecoin is the incentive layer of IPFs. Since the release of IPFs in May 2015, the solution of distributed global file storage network has been verified. Because of this, as the incentive layer of IPFs, filecoin, built by the original IPFs team, is expected to be the infrastructure of Web3.0, and the most representative project of blockchain 3.0. As we all know, IPFs is committed to creating decentralized distributed communication protocol, complementing and subverting HTTP centralized communication protocol. The three key elements of the Internet are network, storage and computing. Filecoin, which has both “network” and “storage” elements at the same time, will become the infrastructure of distributed ecology and bring the outbreak and prosperity of distributed ecology. With the explicit attitude of support by the government for the development of block-chain last year, blockchain technology is indispensable and is going to play an important role in the “new infrastructure”; the block-chain cannot be separated from the distributed storage , on the other hand, the data center on which the distributed storage relies is also the core content of the “new infrastructure”. Filecoin mining is the infrastructure construction of the distributed storage network in essence. As a result, with the vigorous development of “New infrastructure”, Filecoin mining will obtain certain policy and resource dividend for sure.

The host asked Leo Lam(TERSA Supercomputing Network Technology Partner): The development of the epidemic is not optimistic. Do you think the development of blockchain will be affected by the epidemic this year?


1. First of all, as an emerging industry, blockchain has some impact. Globally, the entire capital market and emerging markets have been affected by the epidemic.

2. Second, the impact of the epidemic is limited. Blockchain is listed as the national core R&D direction. One of the seven major areas of the country’s new infrastructure has limited impact.

3. Third, in our opinion, what exactly does blockchain solve in this industry? Since the outbreak, many offline activities have basically been shut down, but online activities have become more numerous. Whether it is shopping, meetings, work, or even education, these have been turned online. What is the most need for these online economic activities? Is trust. For example, the first few live commerce shows are very good, but the later ones will not sell. This shows that in addition to marketing, there is also a need for a trust system that can be kept up with. Blockchain provides a complete set of trust systems that are needed in the future. The more things can reflect the value of blockchain, even if affected, but we believe that the future will be better!

Media interview question:

Blocklike asked Mr. Xiahu Chu: In your opinion, where is the “new” of “new infrastructure”? What are the fundamental between “new infrastructure” and “traditional infrastructure”?

A: I think the trend is more important than anything. I think “new infrastructure” is a big thing. This is a big trend in the blockchain. Therefore, the Metaverse DNA we established in 2016 is also following the general trend of blockchain, and then you will find that our industry four years is a big trend. This time is 2020, which is another major trend of the blockchain, which is very important for the layout behind Metaverse DNA.

Venus Finance asked Mr. Chuhang Lai(the founder of IPFS.CN ):I am also a veteran miner. As far as I know, Filecoin has advantages in algorithm clustering. Is it suitable for individual geek miners to participate in the computing deployment of Filecoin?

A: Filecoin is very different from Bitcoin. First of all, Filecoin has more stringent requirements on the environment, because Filecoin has Fil pledge mechanism, miners need to ensure that the stored data is online in real time, that is, they should not cut off the network at any time, or they will be punished with token penalty. It is highly demanding for technical and maintenance, so we all suggest that the mining machine be placed in a professional data center for safekeeping. Secondly, Filecoin’s miners who participated in mining at the beginning were very large. Unlike Bitcoin, only Satoshi Nakamoto started to mine more than 1 million pieces at home. If the mining machine equipment that individual geeks participate in is not professional or the number is too small, it will be difficult to dominate the block packaging, which means that the block reward cannot be obtained for a long time, and the mining income will not be particularly obvious. In other words, mining pool mining will become inevitable. In addition, the head effect of Filecoin mining will be very obvious. In order to rank higher and improve the return on investment, the mining pool will also continue to expand the cluster effect, that is, continuously expand the scale of the mining pool to achieve scale effect. Therefore, it is recommended that individuals participate in mining by investing in cloud computing power or investing in mining machines, and join the current mining pool with advanced technical strength for mining.

Milin Finance asked Leo Lam:How does the commercial application of the Tesra supercomputing network work and what kind of solutions does it provide?


1. In the field of scientific research, we have specially launched the new material OVEREC edge computing service. Schools and enterprises jointly conduct material research and development and productization of computing results, which solves the problem of faster development of new materials.

2. By cooperating with the campus, the InFlex online AI training platform is launched, which is convenient, efficient, cost-effective, protects data privacy and security, and makes AI computing more convenient.


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