Indeed Suggests the Blockchain Jobs Market Has Grown by 26 Percent

Indeed Gathered the Data Through Different Methods

Indeed gathered the statistics by studying the employment ads in shares per million on its platform. The company looked at related statistics, such as the level of interest of potential employers and workers through the number of searches on its site.

The Searches Have Died Down, But The Opportunities Remain on an Upwards Trend

A fascinating finding by Indeed was that while crypto and blockchain-related job searches peaked towards the end of 2017, they started to drop gradually along with Bitcoin’s market value into the start of 2018. Since then, the searches have been on a downward trend.

It’s Due to the Sector’s Overall Growth

The growth mentioned above can be attributed to more than a few factors.

Startups Abound

When you look towards business-centric locations such as New York City or San Francisco Bay Area, the rise in crypto and blockchain-based ventures sticks out right away.

Existing Companies Aren’t Far Behind

But then you also have a group of existing corporations that are venturing into the cryptocurrency market. The level of interest shown by these big companies drives up the crypto and blockchain jobs market by a large margin.

But Top Employers Aren’t What You Think They Might Be

Perhaps the most exciting thing about this phenomenon is how the spots for top employers in the crypto and blockchain sector don’t belong to cryptocurrency exchanges.

This Variety of Employers Also Adds Diversity to Job Listings

This fact means that the opportunities in the crypto and blockchain sector aren’t just limited to programmers or coders.

The ZB Take

The blockchain and digital asset sector will need more skilled and talented minds to come in and bring value to the industry. The world wide web drew talented people like Jeff Bezos, Travis Kalanick, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and many other fascinating and mission driven leaders. Each of these leaders has had an impact on the lives of many the digital asset sector is still in need of people who can come up with more ways to expand the value of digital assets in more aspects of life. Incubators, accelerators, and more thought leadership will be a key part of this industry as it grows and matures.



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