Make USDT/QC 10x Margin Trading With Zero Margin Call risk on!
5 min readMar 14, 2020

According to officials, in order to meet the needs of diversified users, has launched 10x margin trading, and opened for USDT/QC trading pairs.’s 10x margin trading supports both Web and App terminals (IOS& android), and more mainstream currencies will be launched in the future to support 10x margin trading.

After multiple adjustments and internal testing, has developed a set of rules that are suitable for both new and old users of the platform. By providing the convenient service of automatically transferring funds, enables users to make long/short margin transaction.

Earlier, had updated the rules of calculating the interest of margin lending. From 0:00 on January 23 to 24:00 on February 22, launched the activity of interest subsidy for lending products on the platform. The daily interest rate was as low as 0.033% (12% annualized), and the daily interest rate will return to normal after the activity. This greatly reduced users’ cost of margin trading, and better to meet the needs of its refined system of lending. In addition to the rate advantage, margin products is also far ahead of other similar products in the variety and depth.

Who should play 10x USDT/QC margin trading?

  1. Stablecoin Investment

USDT is a stablecoin for USD, and QC is the stablecoion for CNY. Making 10x margin on, users can magnify theirs outcome while being moderate. Moreover, the USDT/QC transaction pair of Chinese currency is free of charge.

2. Hedging assets

For OTC traders, market makers and project parties, if they have a large amount of USDT or QC, in order to avoid the depreciation of the spot assets they hold, they can do short trade with high margin in USDT/QC to maintain the value of assets through small funds.

3. Cross market arbitrage

For OTC traders, if they are predicting long/short of USDT, they can use a small amount of funds to make long/short USDT trading in the USDT/QC high margin trading market and then sell high/buy low in the OTC market to achieve cross-market arbitrage.


1. This is the one and only exchange that supports both USDT (USD stablecoin) and QC (CNY stablecoin).

2. No transaction fee.

3. The times of margin trading will go up to 20x.’

Guide of 10x USDT/QC margin trading

In view of the fact that some users are unfamiliar with the operation of margin trading or do not understand the definition of margin trading, will illustrate margin trading and explain how to do it in detail.

Once you have logged into your account on the website (recommended), click “Margin (Basic)” in “Trade”, as shown in the figure.

2. In the Margin interface, click “Transfer in”, select the currency to transfer from spot trading account to the margin assets, as shown in the figure.

3. Select the currency in the trading zone, enter the transfer-in amount, and click “transfer”, that is, the transfer of assets is successful.(the main account should have corresponding assets)

Instruction for APP users

  1. Open the official APP and log in the account. On the “Margin USDT/QC” page, click “Transfer In”.

2. Click “?” on the borrowing page, start borrowing after reading the “Automatic Borrowing ”

3. Click the button of automatic borrowing switch, enter the “Transaction Password”, and click “Confirm”.

4. After successfully opening the automatic borrowing, return to the Margin trading page, and the “Transfer-in fund” will be automatically replaced with automatic borrowing with 0.05% daily interest per day, and the transaction can be conducted.(whether the transaction is completed or not, the amount of the transaction exceeds the amount of the transferred funds is the amount of the loan immediately)

Instruction for Web users

  1. As shown in the figure, in “Investment”, click “Margin Investment” to enter the margin investment page.

2. For example, select “BTC” for margin financial management, fill in “financial management amount”, “loan days” and “fund password”, and then click “ok”

Note: in the case of margin trading operation, user must be able to borrow and manage assets in the same account. The interest calculation formula is: interest = the assets applied for loan × the interest rate × the number of days. The number of days is counted as one day in 24 hours. Repayment less than 24 hours is calculated as 1 day, the amount of loan repayment = loan assets + interest.


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