“New Infrastructure, New Opportunity”Online Summit and ZB.com’s 7th Anniversary

Summit Intro

In June 2013, CHBTC (the predecessor of ZB) was established.In the following seven years of development, ZB has grown into the world’s top trading platform with more than 10 million registered users, creating a real and safe trading environment for users from more than 189 countries, bringing professional and more efficient trading experience.

The summit is a high-end brand conference customized for the 7th anniversary of ZB.com. The conference will start on June 28, 2020 and will last for 3 days (June 28, 29 and 30). Two AMA will be held every day (10:00–12:00 am;15:00–17:00 PM) , six AMA in total.The Summit will invite top academics, experts and industry leaders from around the world.The Summit is in the form of online live broadcast, and the number of people in each main forum exceeds 10,000.

Organizer Intro

ZB.com (ZB) is the world’s top digital asset trading platform. It has been operating safely and steadily for 7 years since its establishment in 2013, providing digital asset trading services for more than 10 million users.The average daily turnover is more than US$3 billion, and the transaction shares of mainstream currencies such as BTC, ETH, EOS, XRP and QC have been among the best for a long time.

At present, ZB.com (ZB) has opened spot trading, OTC trading, margin trading and loan financing, and three trading markets of QC, USDT and BTC. ZB token was issued in 2017. After nearly three years of ecological construction, it has served ten million users worldwide.According to the Liquidity index of CoinMarketCap, the international authoritative cryptocurrency market platform, ZB.com (ZB) ranked 5th in global Liquidity, and ranked fourth In Coingecko similarweb traffic.


Forum 1(June 28, 10–12 a.m)

Topic: How is the blockchain progressing under the “New Infrastructure” policies?

Forum 2(June 28 3–5 p.m)

Topic: In the second half of the year after Bitcoin halved, can the bull market be far behind?

Forum 3(June 29 10–12 a.m)

Topic: Can Ethereum 2.0 mortgage boost a technical bull market?

Forum 4(June 29 3–5 p.m)

Topic: The Rashomon Era behind the digital economy, let’s start with trading market

Forum 5(June 30 10–12 a.m)

Topic: Blockchain hotspots in the second half of 2020

Forum(June 30 3–5 p.m)

The controversy of stablecoin and why QCash is the most widely used stablecoin in Asia?



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ZB.com is the world’s most secure digital trading platform, facilitating the trade and management of digital assets from all corners of the globe.