The largest Asian CNY stablecoin QC has an annualized return of 14.6%, and ZB exchange savings are higher than similar products

The expected third BTC halving does not seem to provoke much volatility. With the recent continuous ups and downs of BTC at around $ 9,800, the market’s investment enthusiasm has increased unabated.

Under the attraction of making money effect, virtual digital currency becomes the focus again. Under the pattern of continuous market development and continuous growth of investors, although market entry is the only choice for investors with high risk appetite, some investors with low risk appetite hope to enjoy bull market gains through more stable channels.

Under this circumstance, mainstream exchanges including Huobi, ZB, Gate, etc. have launched wealth investment products, and the revenue has also increased significantly compared to the previous market slump. For example, in the hold & earn version of Gate, the BTC and EOS positions plan reached 10%, but compared with the latest savings management on the ZB exchange, it seems to be completely crushed.

Which is strong wealth investment product?Here are a few savings products that everyone pays more attention to:

1. Binance’s saving BTC, the annualized yield of 14 days saving is 3%, the 28 days savings annualized yield is 3.25%. The annualized yield of 14 days of USDT is 6%; 28 days annualized yield is 8.25%.

2. opened the 7th anniversary limit on May 20th BTC lock-up&earn plan (30 days), the total amount is 200BTC with an annualized yield of 10%.

3. savings: User’s daily income = user’s daily savings amount * (total loan income / total savings amount of the currency),income is not calculated on the day of deposit and withdrawal. Users can view the past 7 days annualized yield on the investment page. At present, it supports a total of 19 mainstream currencies such as QC, BTC, ETH, EOS, XRP, and BTS. The annualized yield of QC reaches 14.6%.

It is worth mentioning that, compared to Gate’s lock-up savings, ZB Exchange’s savings method is more flexible with deposits and withdraw, there is no need to worry about the short-term funds are locked or freeze, or worry about the loss of personal funds due to the decline in currency prices .

Comprehensive comparison, QC’s savings income is really high in the industry, and the general savings income of USDT is only 3.25%.

Loan interest 50% off, Enjoy high returns with zero risk

ZB Loan launches a “50% off interest of time limited”activity. During the activity, all orders placed by users under [ZB APP / Official Website]-[Loan] can enjoy a 50% off interest rate, and the loan interest rate after the discount is as low as 0.002%. 7.5% annualized interest rate, 90% pledge rate.

According to the official promised rate of return, if the user participates in the loan, users can enjoy a 50% off, and the borrowing rate is calculated according to the 180 days’ borrowing rate. For example, if you want to take out the loan and receive 100,000 USDT, the annual interest rate is 100,000 *0.02%=2000RMB. Compared with the traditional P2P lending rate, this is really great.

If you deposit 100,000 QC to ZB Exchange’s savings section, if a user participates in the half-year savings plan, the user will receive a total income of 100,000 * 14.6% / 2 = 7300CNY after 180 days. More intelligent users who arbitrage, borrowing first and then managing, this wave of operations is also quite smooth.

What advantages does the savings QC launched by compare with the USDT savings of other exchanges? Let’s look at the picture below:

As can be seen from the above figure, the annualized rate of savings on the platform is higher than other platforms. Perhaps some users worry about weather such a high annualized rate is reliable? According to the law, the annual interest rate is legal between 24% and 36%. The platform uses the funds for lending, and the proceeds are returned to QC wealth management customers, and additional interest is discounted. As’s ace investment project, it can obtain such high profits.

In addition to QC’s fixed annualization of investment, another benefit is to earn a premium. For example, in a certain period of QC investment, the market price of QC was 0.91CNY at that time, and the QC price was 1.01CNY after the financial management expired, so the user could earn extra (1.01–0.98)/0.98*12=36.73% annualized, plus the original 14.6% annualized, it was as high as 51.33% annualized, which is simply full of money.

Now in a halving market, the Bitcoin search index continues to rise, which means that more and more people are trying to understand and contact the crypto space. In the case of an overall upward trend, a positive premium is a high probability.

The reason why the savings launched by ZB Exchange can give such a high income is because it cedes all the income earned by investors to investors. In addition, some people are questioning the safety and controllability of their funds.

The old brand exchanges are trustworthy

According to public information,’s investment team supported by platform risk control and technological advantages is supported by professional investment strategies, which is also the key reason for its commitment to “rigid payment” (flexible deposit and withdraw).

High yield products with rigid payment are attractive, but for investors the safety and reliability of the platform is the factor to consider.

It is reported that the predecessor of ZB exchange is CHBTC, which is the earliest exchange in the world to launch mainstream currencies such as BTC, ETH and EOS. It has been established since 2013 without any major accidents.

In addition, ZB exchange has the industry’s most complete product line, providing spot trading, OTC, leveraged trading, investment products and other diversified financial services. It also provides services to users in hundreds of countries and regions, including South Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, the united Arab emirates, and North America, etc. Currently, the platform has more than 10 million registered users. At the end of 2019, according to real-time data from the authoritative digital asset information platform CoinMarKetCap, the 24-hour trading volume of the platform exceeded 3.5 billion US dollars, and its platform ZB token was also rated as the TOP 5 currency.

Be rational and have a method of strategic allocation according to your own funds, and choose a reliable and safe platform.