The ZB 9th Anniversary Bonanza!

Get the confetti!

We don’t normally need a reason to start a giveaway at ZB, however we have a very valid one in our 9th anniversary! We’re heading rapidly towards our decade year in crypto — how many can boast that?

Well, we wanna do a bit of boasting and make sure that YOU, our wonderful community of followers, has the opportunity to celebrate this incredible milestone with us.

Below is a list of pretty cool events we’ll be running from July 6th to July 15th, just follow the steps outlined for each event to be in with a chance of earning some rewards!

  1. The Lucky Draw

During the ZB 9th anniversary event period, users can join the lucky draw event to win iPhone 13 pro max, 9,999 ZB tokens, and many other USDT/Futures gifts by completing the following tasks:

a. Login to ZB during the event time
b. Spot trading volume >10000USDT
c. Futures trading volume >50000USDT
d. Invite friends > Gift types: iPhone 13 Pro Max, 9,999 ZB Tokens, VIP3 Level Status, USDT coupons, plus many more! (list not exhaustive)

2. Spot/Futures Trading Competition
During the 9th anniversary event period, we will reward winners according to their Spot/Futures trading volume ranking. The more you trade, the higher you’ll rank. Simple!

Ranking and Rewards:

1. Coupon trading volume does not count towards the reward.
2. During the activity, any behaviour considered as manipulative towards the rules of the competition will result in your account being disqualified. Full details can be found on the official competition announcement.

3. ZB Futures Partner Recruitment
Are you signed up to a referral program on another crypto platform? Yes? Well, whatever you earn in commission percentage with them, join us on ZB and increase it by 10%! There’s just one catch — we’ll have to see some proof first.

4. Futures Coupon Giveaway
During the event, all users that complete Futures trading volume greater than 100 USDT can claim 9USDT futures coupon — up to 9,999 USDT, by contacting online customer service.

Risk warning: Futures trading is a high-risk investment. Please trade cautiously and monitor relevant risks. As a transaction technology service provider, ZB Futures is not responsible for market movements and the potential loss of investment.

Remember, this event will only run between July 6th and July 15th, so make sure you move fast in order to not miss out.

Lastly, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the support you have given to us over the last 9 years. Here’s to the next 9!

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