The ZB Futures LUNC competition is LIVE!
3 min readJun 9, 2022


It’s competition time!

With the addition of the USDT perpetual contract trading pair 1000LUNC/USDT to ZB Futures, we are marking the occasion with a trading competition between June 8th 02:00 and June 14th 15:59 (UTC), with 100,000,000 LUNC up for grabs!

Sign up and get going!

There are three activities to complete — the more activities you complete, the more rewards you’re eligible to win:

Activity One: The 30,000,000 LUNC Rewards Pool

  • Trade over 10,000 USDT of 1000LUNC/USDT Futures contracts and you will be eligible to win your share of 30,000,000 LUNC

Activity Two: Earn Up To 20,000,000 LUNC For Trading

The top ranked traders by volume will receive the following LUNC rewards:

Activity Three: LUNC Price Prediction!

Submit your prediction before 4pm (UTC) of what you think the LUNC Spot price will be at 10am (UTC) the next day, and we will rank submissions in order of how close they were to the actual price!

The top 10 ranked submissions will each earn 28 USDT in trading coupons.

Where to submit your predictions: Head to ZB Pro and join the ‘Futures Advanced Group’ on ZB Hotchat. You can scan the QR code below to join, or submit your predictions via the link:

The Small Print…

Coupon trading orders do not count towards trading volume.

Users using sub-accounts will be regarded as acting fraudulently, and as a result their activity rights will be forfeited.

Futures trading volume rewards are calculated each day; users can participate every day during the activity period.

For the specific rules of the activity, head to the ZB Futures HotChat group on ZB Pro and ask customer service for details.

Market Markers are not eligible to participate.

The API trading volume is not counted in the competition.

Activity Three: if the same price prediction is submitted by two users, the earlier prediction will take priority

Activity Three algorithm: The smaller the numerical gap between the prediction and the actual Spot price, the greater the chance of winning the reward

What is the Futures coupon? The Futures coupon can only be used as a margin for contract transactions or to deduct account losses and transaction costs for perpetual contracts (excluding spot). The Futures coupon will be deducted before the user’s funds are used. Futures coupons cannot be withdrawn or transferred, but proceeds from transactions using futures coupons can be withdrawn or transferred.

The final award list shall prevail, and ZB reserves all the rights to explain the outcome.

Risk Disclosure: Derivatives trading is a high-risk investment. Trade with caution and monitor all risks associated with trading.

ZB Futures is a trading technology service provider that does not assume any guarantee or liability for any investments.


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