The ZB UAE Futures Campaign
4 min readFeb 1, 2022


With ZB launching its product to UAE traders, the occasion is being marked with a special offer for all new users who register.

Read more about the UAE Futures Campaign below:

To mark the launch of the ZB platform in the United Arab Emirates, a special welcome giveaway is being offered to all new UAE based users who sign up to the ZB platform and deposit funds or complete trades. New users will receive a complimentary reward from ZB to use on our Futures Trading platform, upon the successful completion of the giveaway’s requirements. The campaign will run throughout the month of February, so be sure to sign up in the window to claim your reward!

ZB has launched its platform to users in the United Arab Emirates, at a time when the country is opening up to cryptocurrencies and recognizing their incredible potential. It is a time of growth for crypto in the region, and ZB is ensuring that it continues to be the go-to choice for UAE traders by offering a giveaway to all new users.

About ZB is a worldwide digital trading platform, facilitating the exchange and management of digital assets from all corners of the globe. Founded in 2013, has grown to become one of the most trusted and secure digital asset exchanges, with zero security breaches during its 9 years of operation. This security has kept the trading activities of over 15 million users secure, building tremendous trust and loyalty between both the platform and its patrons.

With ZB now welcoming users looking to trade using AED, the company is marking the occasion by rewarding all new UAE based ZBians with 10 USDT to be used in Futures Trading, upon either the deposit of 100 USDT into their Exchange account OR the completion of one AED Fiat Trade on ZB’s OTC (Over-The-Counter) Platform. This 10 USDT reward can be used on Futures Trading transactions in the future.

Requirements for eligibility are as follows:

  • Users open their account and complete all verification steps required — this will require your Emirates ID, so please have it to hand
  • Users open a deposit address associated with their account
  • Users either deposit 100 USDT to their Exchange account, OR/
  • Users complete one fiat trade on the OTC Platform using AED as their purchase currency

All new users registering to ZB and completing the above steps are eligible for the reward. The reward is solely for use on ZB’s Futures Trading platform.

That’s not the only reward available to new UAE based ZBians however — users who successfully complete the above task and then trade a total volume of over 100 USDT on the ZB Spot OR ZB the Futures platform will receive an extra 5 USDT. Again, this will be deposited into the user’s ZB Exchange account, but this reward can be used on any platform you wish, whether it be Spot, Margin, Futures, or the reward can be withdrawn.

About OTC, Spot & Futures Trading

ZB’s OTC (Over-The-Counter) trading is a form of peer to peer trading. With OTC, you exchange directly with other ZB users who are looking to buy and sell tokens. Simply select the user that offers you the best value for money for your proposed trade, and complete transactions that are secured by the platform’s trademark security.

For more information on Spot Trading, take a look at our recent ZB Short Medium article:

For more information on Futures Trading, take a look at our recent ZB Short Medium article:

As a new cryptocurrency trader on the ZB platform, please remember that there are risks involved when trading. While markets hold great potential, they can also carry significant risks, particularly when considering the current volatility we have observed in crypto markets recently. Please take care when you trade, and only trade what you can afford.

With that being said, to get started with cryptocurrency trading on ZB, follow the link below!


The Small Print:

1. Futures Experience Reward:

In Futures Trading, the Experience Reward can be used to trade with, or to contribute to, commission fees incurred by Perpetual Futures Trading (excluding Spot).

When contributing to commission fees, the Experience Reward will prioritize the user’s account funds. Although the Experience Reward cannot be withdrawn or transferred, you will be able to withdraw and transfer profits gained by investing the Reward in the Futures account.

The Futures experience reward is valid for 14 days only.

2. Receiving the Reward:

UAE Users will receive the reward within 48 hrs of the requirements being completed. If you do not receive the reward in the expected time, please kindly contact the online customers’ service on ZB App or the UAE Customer Support Telegram Group.



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