Vice President Of ZB Group Aurora Discusses Tokenomics As A Viable Business Model
4 min readSep 18, 2019


Aurora, Vice President of ZB Group, speaking at the Global Blockchain Digital Finance Summit in ABU Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, on September 15, said that the emergence of blockchain technology provides more possibilities and convenience for SMEs to finance. For example, when designing the economic ecology of tokenomics, enterprises should first have a viable business model, so as to achieve sustainable development after successful financing. LivenPay, the first project of UP just completed on, is an advanced case of the design of tokenomics, which realizes the win-win situation among O2O platform, catering merchants and users.

Blockchain Solution Of SMEs Financing Difficulties

Aurora, Vice President of ZB Group, pointed out that SMEs face many difficulties when applying for financing services from financial institutions, such as low financing efficiency, high cost, low amount and long period.This is mainly caused by the customer acquisition model of traditional financial institutions and the high cost of risk control: Due to the lack of real estate assets, many SMEs are not in the scope of credit service, or their borrowing costs are generally high.

With the support of digital financing means, SMEs are able to obtain financing channels through new models such as supply chain finance, Internet finance, e-commerce platform, P2P and crowdfunding. They can reduce the friction cost of capital flow through information means, which is less limited by time and space, and significantly provide financial efficiency.

The emergence of blockchain has given birth to a new model of token financing, which is still exploring and developing. Currently, the mainstream token financing models include initial coin offerings (ICO), initial exchange offerings (IEO), DAICO, STO. Behind the token financing is a new economic model, the center of economic activity will turn to trade, and the production relationship will turn from centralized enterprise to distributed cooperative communities known as DACs or DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations).

The key to sustainable development is the establishment of the correct business model

“But we have to point out that blockchain financing is not a panacea and SMEs have to find a viable business model,” said Aurora, Vice President of ZB Group. LivenPay, the first project of UP just completed its launch on, is an advanced case of the design of tokenomics, which realizes the win-win situation among multiple parties, and not just as a means of financing.

Specifically, users of the LivenPay app receive 10–30% LVN rebates after completing their in store payments via LivenPay. This can be directly discounted for use in the next consumption and creates a powerful loyalty program within the LivenPay ecosystem. Merchants save the cost of customer acquisition, consumers get discounts, and the platform itself grows. This is an example of a more evolved and informed tokenomics model as compared with earlier project’s iterations.

The key to sustainable development is a viable business model, and financing can only solve the initial problem. For many SMEs, a proper integration of token economy is worth consideration.

The Global Blockchain Digital Finance Summit is hosted by Asproex, and co-hosted by Nova Club and Block Global. Yao YongJie, Chairman of XiongAn technology group, Cai ZhiChuan, President of Asian Blockchain academy and other well-known industry figures jointly expressed their brilliant views on the path of digital finance for SMEs.

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