ZB.com Launches CENNZ Trading Competition and to share the award pool of 200,000 CENNZ

To thank users for their support, ZB.com launches the “CENNZ Trading Competition” activity jointly with CENNZ community. During the activity period, users who participate in the CENNZ trading on ZB.com will have the opportunity to share the award pool of 200,000 CENNZ.

Period: From 10:00 on September 1, 2020 to 18:00 on September 5, 2020 (UTC+8)

Rules: Participate in CENNZ trading on ZB.com

1. According to the CENNZ net buying volume, the Top 100 users can get the following rewards:

1st prize: 10,000 CENNZ

2nd prize: 8,000 CENNZ

3rd prize: 5,000 CENNZ

4th-100th prizes:share 77,000 CENNZ according to net buying volume

2. Users trade CENNZ and the trading value not less than 300 USDT are eligible to share the award pool of 100,000 CENNZ (excluding the top 100 winners of CENNZ net buying volume).

About CENNZnet

Centrality is developing and operating “CENNZnet”, a blockchain platform for building a DApp ecosystem. CENNZnet is an open blockchain network that reduces security risks by providing an on-chain registry for digital identification, protecting personal data.

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