ZB.com opens its eighth round of voting for listing today

According to ZB.com officials, ZB.com issued a notice at 14:22 on March 25, announcing that the eighth round of community voting for listing would start from 14:00 on March 26 to 14:00 on March 28, Hong Kong time.

The three candidate projects for this round of voting are SOLVE, KPG and Verge.

As with previous voting for listing rules, projects with more than 2 million ZB votes are eligible for listing on ZB.com. The platform will conduct listing procedure with them according to the order of projects that meet the voting standards. ZB.com users can use ZB token to vote with no limitation. Each time they cast 1 vote, they need to lock 1 ZB token. For projects that have obtained ZB.com’s listing qualification, the ZB votes that they’ve earned will not be returned, and for projects that fail to meet the standards, all the ZB used for voting will be returned after the voting deadline.

Voting guide: For PC users, click to enter the voting page (https://vip.zb.live/vote).

ZB.com selects high-quality projects that meet the listing requirements from the multi-dimensional evaluation of community, business logic, landing situation, financial strength and team background, and endows users with the right to choose high-quality projects.User and project side first is the purpose of ZB.com, which is why ZB.com always insists on community voting.

Three candidate projects to vote for in this round:


Care is a global blockchain solution for healthcare coordination, management and payment. Solve.Care platform leverages blockchain technology to reduce the huge global costs of clinics and information technology systems associated with our current healthcare system. The Solve.Care platform can improve health outcomes through effective healthcare coordination while enabling consumers to effectively manage their healthcare decisions. SOLVE tokens are based on the ERC20, and can be used for maintenance and management cost of payment platform, establishing Care.Wallets, purchasing Care card, paying for service integration.

Official website:https://solve.care/


KPG uses the UTXO model, which is more flexible than the ethereum account model to implement multiple signatures and other functions. Meanwhile, the UTXO model also has advantages in concurrent validation. At the same time, compared with POW, POS consensus adopted by KPG does not waste power resources and reduces the threshold for users to participate in mining. KPG supports smart contracts and 16M blocks with an expected interval of 64 seconds, and is capable of supporting large-scale commercial application scenarios. The value of KPG token is the right to use KPG network ecology. The current solutions provided by Kunpeng public chain include Kunpeng traceability BAAS system and Kunpeng enterprise-level chain reform service.

Official website:https://kunpeng.network/


Verge token is a cryptocurrency designed for everyday use. It is an improvement on the original bitcoin blockchain.Today, the Verge has successfully strengthened and improved the original bitcoin blockchain, and actively sought out the cryptocurrency’s intended purpose and characteristics, which are to provide individuals and businesses with fast, efficient and decentralized transactions while maintaining personal privacy. Verge cryptocurrency can quickly and effectively help both parties conduct currency transactions and avoid third party involvement. Using the Verge cryptocurrency, businesses and individuals can send and receive payments as they choose.

Official website:https://vergecurrency.com/

About ZB.com

ZB.com group is the world’s leading financial service provider of blockchain and digital assets. Its business covers the upstream and downstream of the blockchain industry, including digital asset trading platform cluster, electronic wallet, investment fund and research institution.ZB.com group with Singapore as the operation center, it has business layout in the United States, South Korea, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Switzerland, Malta.

ZB.com / ZB.live is the world’s leading digital asset trading platform.Since its establishment in 2013, ZB.com has provided digital asset transaction services for more than 10 million users worldwide, with a stable operating history of more than 6 years. The average daily transaction volume is more than 3 billion US dollars, among which the transaction shares of BTC, ZB, EOS and XRP in mainstream currencies have been among the best for a long time.ZB.com / ZB.live has launched a total of 94 trading currencies / 190 trading pairs, and opened four trading zones: QC, USDT, BTC and ZB, providing one-stop services for digital assets such as spot trading, legal currency trading, leveraged trading and financial management and lending.

ZB.com group at the same time operating global innovation cryptocurrency trading platform ZBG.com, the world’s first trading platform BW.com, based on the mining pools, ZBM, BitHi and XT several trading platform, and has set up integrated services layout such as the ZB Labs, ZB Capital, ZB institute (ZBRC).

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