ZB-DeFi Mining Pool Reopens Now

2 min readSep 7, 2020


According to the official announcement,ZB.com launched ZB-DeFi Mining at 18:00 to 20:00 on September 4, 2020(UTC+8). The ZB-DeFi mining’s annualized returns rate of September 4 is 226.16%, and the total income distribution is 5899.199 SUSHI and 1.999725 YFII.

In response to our users’ suggestions, ZB.com now reopens the ZB-DeFi Mining and there are currently no limit for total investment amount and single participant and deposit time. You can continue to deposit ZB token to participate in DeFi mining and receive multiple DeFi tokens. In addition, ZB.com plans to launch the early redemption function of ZB mining assets on September 9, then users can redeem the mining funds at any time.

Details of ZB-DeFi Mining Product

  1. Deposit ZB tokens to get multiple DeFi tokens. There is temporarily no limit for total investment amount, single participant and deposit time. The ZB-DeFi mining support for multiple DeFi tokens, and the specific income distribution will be based on the income distributed by the mining pool.

2. The minimum investment amount for the mining is 1 ZB token and the account needs to have 400 ZB token available.

3. After successfully participating in ZB-DeFi mining, withdrawal ZB asset will take 7 days (T+7) to unfreeze the ZB mining assets, and there is no mining income during the withdrawal period.

4. Next week (expected on September 9), we will launch the early redemption function, then users can redeem their mining funds at any time.

5. The system counts the income of mining assets on the hour, and the income will be distributed at 12:00 noon (UTC+8) the next day.

6. The platform will charge 10% of the mining revenue as a service fee, and the rest will be fully distributed to participating users.

7. The specific income distribution will be based on the time when the mining pool actually releases the income.

Entrance to participate in ZB DeFi Mining: ZB APP — Information — ZAPP — DeFi Mining.

About ZB DeFi Mining

The mining products launched by ZB is a form of proxy investment, which greatly simplifies the investment process and make investment decision on behalf of customers. 90% of the mining return will be directly attributed to the customers, and 10% is used for risk deposit, ZB mining rewards and operating expenses.

Due to the high degree of professionalism, technical and investment risks of DeFi investment, the mining product may adopts a single limit and total investment limit mechanism. After the investment is mature and stable, the limit will be gradually released. ZB.com will launch an independent application for fully self-controlled investment Defi. We will fully embrace DeFi and make ZB.com the best blockchain service platform combining centralization and decentralization.




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