ZB Group Upgrades ‘ZB Research Institute’

ZB Group has just celebrated its 6th anniversary on June 30th, 2019, and along with the celebration the group has surprised the blockchain industry bringing to the table even more innovation. You can already see the new outlook of ZB.com by visiting our official website. The platform has been carefully refined and its looks and functions are being constantly and carefully updated to serve from the beginner to the most experienced trader. Apart from that, ZB is also upgrading its Research Institute, the ‘ZB Research Institute’. The official website of the institute will be announced very soon to the public. This upgrade is not only a transition period for ZB, but it is also the starting point for the Research Institute to serve the new era of ZB’s Ecosystem.

ZB Research Institute is committed to building an integrated blockchain Research Institute, striving to provide a panoramic view of the blockchain industry, creating value through research, strengthening the ZB ecology, and promoting the development of the blockchain industry.

After the “craziness” of the ICO massive growth in 2017 and the “fear” of the bear market which caused cryptocurrency prices to fall in the end of 2018, the cryptocurrency industry has naturally entered the mainstream investment circle with such unstable prices. The industry has gradually returned from crazy speculation to an apparent end of the bear market.

Most blockchain projects have been smashed by the extreme bear market, and those that really focused on the development of technical applications and scenarios are slowly coming out of those turbulent waters, opening a new uptrend channel in their industry.

As a research service organization focusing on the blockchain industry, ZB Research Institute embraces the power of creating value and firmly believes that with the acceptance of cryptocurrency by mainstream financial markets, the industry will be on the right track for success, and the bull market in the traditional financial industry will be ‘upgraded’ to the bull market of the whole blockchain industry as well. It is the right time for investing in the value creation concept, so it can play its role in the field of blockchain research.

At present, there are various research institutes, enterprises and institutions that have been created by and for blockchain projects. Trading platforms and rating or ranking agencies have also established institutions specialized in analyzing digital currency market dynamics and digital-asset ratings. The former mostly publishes academic papers or applies for patents, while the latter reprints the research reports of major media widely spreading their views.

As the blockchain industry is still in its early stages of development and a ‘standard system’ has not yet been established, the technology and content markets are displaying a prosperous development scene where the output efficiency is very high. In the other hand, the original technology and content creation are still somewhat scarce. For research institutions, innovation is an eternal theme. The Institute needs to think about the advantages and features of themselves.

As an important part of the ZB Group’s ecology, ZB Research Institute aims at promoting the development of the Group’s ecology by providing a series of blockchain research services. Firstly, it is not a purely academic research institution, but a research-oriented Commercial research service institution. Secondly, the ZB Group’s future services for customers may include both individual Customers and Businesses. The Group believes that the services of ZB Research Institute should be diversified as much as possible to meet the needs of different clients. Finally, ZB Research Institute does not innovate blindly, but through feasible tools and methods to achieve independent and rigorous research goals, with the independence and

differentiation of professional research, seeking common ground while reserving and respecting differences.

The research areas of ZB Research Institute can be divided into four major areas: 1) industry research; 2) digital asset ratings; 3) index research and 4) Tokenomics labs. No matter if you are an investor in a cryptocurrency or in the blockchain industry, or if you are just interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain altogether. It also does not matter if you are a beginner or a senior player in the field, you can get valuable research information from the ZB Research Institute’s platform. We also provide one-on-one blockchain research consulting services based on several excellent cooperation resources.

Industry Research Reports

Understand the latest advancements in the blockchain industry and the digital currency markets.

Our research reports present conclusions of all our market analysts through careful and independent thinking and listens to the different ‘voices’ from the market. Through research reports, you can also learn the latest Blockchain terminologies, various consensus mechanisms, blockchain industry applications, and digital currency markets.

Digital-Asset Ratings

Still unsure about which cryptocurrency to invest in? Or maybe you still do not understand what to look for in a whitepaper before investing in a blockchain project?

Refer to ZB Research Institute read the analyst’s rating reports on digital assets. It will help you dig into project’s whitepaper and rate digital assets based on quantifiable indicator systems. TheResearch Institute maintains the principle of objective neutrality and it doesn’t make any guarantees for the rating report as an investment suggestion. However, the analyst’s professional and diligent rating work can clear some unnecessary blind spots so that you can make an informed decision.

Index Research

If you don’t care much about price fluctuations and pay more attention to indicators that can represent the turning point of a market trend, our index indicators may be able to provide you with a market signal for buying and/or selling, suggestions that would help you avoid the risk of losing your assets due to large fluctuations.

Our market index research can meet this demand, and track the trend of digital currency market through multiple dimensions such as account address, trading volume, chain data, and public opinion data etc. There is no perfect indicator to accurately predict market trends. Through the aggregation of multi-party data analysis, the level of refinement of indicators and the prediction win rate are continuously improved. In addition to the market index, ZB Research will also develop some simulated portfolio index. The asset portfolio will continue to optimize the adjustment components and weights according to the self-produced “ZB Portfolio Index Rules” to create a portfolio with a higher investment return rate.

Tokenomics Labs

If you are concerned about how the blockchain technology can be applied in the different industries you care about, or how to better design the Tokenomics in a project’s whitepaper, our Tokenomics labs is right for you.

The Research Institute counts on a group of senior research experts who are engaged in blockchain innovation, currency reform and passcode design, who are based in China. The group will be able to customize your blockchain application solution and the economic model based on your business needs.

We are very confident in the development of the blockchain industry. As an emerging field of this industry, Tokenomics needs more research. Any blockchain project requires multi-node collaboration in order to operate. It is difficult to form an ecosystem without a strong business model. This requires all parties involved in the project to participate in the ‘experiment phase’ of the Tokenomics labs to promote the birth of a new blockchain business.

In conclusion, ZB Research Institute has been officially launched! We are ready to work even harder in this year as we celebrate ZB Group’s 6th anniversary. As a veteran of the blockchain industry, 6 years of constant sharpening is already the best endorsement of the brand and a strength of the group. The platform has always been low-key. It has impressed customers with products and services using low-key publicity. From the perspective of ZB Research Institute, we have consistently passed on the tradition of enthusiasm, looking forward to the next 10 years in the blockchain industry and the next 6 years of the Group’s ecological development. ZB Research Institute will always make great efforts to create value for users and contribute to the enhancement of ZB ecosystem.

About ZB Group

ZB Group was founded in 2012 with the goal of providing leadership to the blockchain development space and today manages a network that includes digital assets exchanges, wallets, capital ventures, research institutes, and media. The Group’s flagship platform is ZB.com, the industry leading digital asset exchange. The platform launched in early 2013 and boasts one of the world’s largest trading communities.

Learn more about ZB Exchange by visiting www.zb.com.


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