ZB has officially launched the next-generation Layer 2 decentralized trading platform QUICK (QuickSwap)

Recently, QUICK (QuickSwap), carefully built by the Matic team, was officially launched on the ZB Exchange. QuickSwap, as the next-generation Layer 2 decentralized trading platform, conducts transactions at close to zero gas fees and lightning speed in the rapidly expanding DeFi field of the cryptocurrency industry. According to Cointelegraph, since the beginning of 2021, Polygon-based DEX QuickSwap has attracted more than $105 million in liquidity. The current market value of QUICK is about 800 million yuan. Despite many ups and downs, the current price is still nearly 100% higher than the issue price, and it is still possible to continue to rise. In just three days after QUICK went online on ZB, ZB once accounted for 17% of QUCIK’s overall transaction volume.

What is surprising is that QuickSwap’s governance token QUICK has soared from below $1 to $1,585 in just six months. The current trading price of the token is lower than its historical high, and its market value achievements and trading volume are difficult to reach for many other similar digital assets.

The rise of DeFi(decentralized finance)is an inevitable innovation in the history of blockchain development, which has also greatly promoted the prosperity of chain finance. However, as the number of transactions soared, the blockchain network began to become congested, and users had to pay higher gas fees. The increase in transaction costs also makes some smaller DeFi businesses, such as the exchange of tokens, completely infeasible.

Although UniSwap, the world’s first decentralized token exchange platform, has provided all the transaction advantages, since it is built on the Ethereum blockchain, its users also need to pay high gas fees. Simple transactions on Uniswap now tend to be more costly than the transaction itself, thus leaving a gap that needs to be filled. The emergence of QuickSwap quickly solved the problem that plagued Ethereum-based DEX, providing lower transaction fees and almost instant block formation time.

QuickSwap is a fork of Uniswap, deployed on the Polygon network (formerly Matic Network). Polygon is the blockchain internet of Ethereum. In short, Polygon provides a general framework that allows developers to create customized, application-specific chains. Polygon also uses the security of Ethereum to provide an interoperable network that links various extension solutions together, such as Zk-rollups, optimistic-rollups, and side chains.

In the past few months, Polygon’s ecology has risen strongly, backed by the support of the Ethereum community, and exponential growth in TVL and transaction volume. Polygon is supported by mainstream applications such as Opensea, Aave, Sushiswap, Curve and 1inch. Polygon SDK provides a framework for further rapid development of multi-chain Ethereum, turning Ethereum into a mature multi-chain system. Polygon not only harvested funds and users, but also gave the DeFi ecological future unlimited imagination. As an infrastructure, Quickswap has unlimited development as the ecosystem expands.

As a unique forward-looking decentralized Exchange, QuickSwap can take advantage of Polygon Network’s low transaction fees, enabling users to quickly trade any ERC-20 asset with close to zero gas cost. QUICK coin is its governance token, with a total supply of 1 million QUICK. Users can pledge QUICK tokens to obtain pledge rewards and obtain voting rights to participate in DAO governance.

At the same time, Quickswap is also one of the first platforms of AMM (Automatic Market Maker). Since its launch in February 2021, QuickSwap has attracted record liquidity. Thanks to the lightning-fast and ultra-low-cost transactions facilitated by Polygon, and with the ever-expanding range of token pairs and liquidity pools, as well as low-fee, ultra-fast AMM, Quickswap has become one of the most popular automated market makers. In addition, according to CoinGecko’s data, QuickSwap is one of the top 30 popular projects in April 2021. In addition to the basic DEX function of Quickswap is very smooth and low gas fee, it is also enriching its own functions. In the future, IDO, platform governance, etc. will be added. Quick tokens will also empower these functions. Whether it is policy risks or the “old financial” crisis of trust, they are creating further development opportunities for AMM DEX. Quickswap may become one of the strongest potential stocks in the next wave of DEX trends.

The following also briefly introduces how to buy QUICK at ZB.

The first is to download and register. Find the download icon in the upper right corner of ZB’s official website ZB.COM (international version) or ZB.WORK (domestic version) and click to enter the APP download page. Then select “Contract Version” or “Official Version” and click to scan the QR code to download. You can register on both the official website and the App and you can choose between mobile phone registration or email registration.

After registration and KYC real-name authentication, you can get unlimited deposit, withdrawal and legal currency transactions, and increase fast and self-selected transactions. Even if the KYC certification is not completed, there is still a withdrawal limit of 10,000 USDT, which can be used by more new users. Currently, ZB supports a variety of payment methods, including bank cards, Alipay, WeChat payment, PayPal, UPI and other common payment methods in the market.

ZB has three major spot trading areas: QC, USDT, and BTC. You can recharge the above three digital currencies to your corresponding account or choose OTC for C2C transactions for deposits.

After the recharge is completed, find the QUICK trading pair in the spot trading area to enter the transaction, and then you can buy or sell.



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