ZB will officially start The Twelfth Vote for Listing at 10:00 on July 2, 2020 (GMT+8)

ZB will officially start The Twelfth Vote for Listing from 10:00 on July 2, 2020 to 10:00 on July 3, 2020 (GMT+8). The projects eligible for this round’s community vote are:ORBS(Orbs)、DSF(DSF Token)、ENG(Enigma). The community can participate by voting with ZB Token.

1. There is no token discount, and it is entirely depend on community to vote.

2. The ZB token obtained from the successful voting will be locked to form a deflation model.

3. Compared with turning voting into a marketing and new platform, voting on the ZB trading platform is more pure. Each vote listing will lock a few million ZB tokens(the equivalent of CNY may exceed 10 million), and the community position users enjoy the dividends brought by the vote in disguise, which is equivalent to an activity that gathers community strength.

Since the ZB start listing for vote, ZB has launched a total of 8 high quality assets and millions of people have participated in the voting. The ZB community voting mode not only makes the speed of listing more fair and flexible, but also increases the participation of ZB users and the project community, What makes the projects with more community support stand out is the most important thing is to efficiently enable the ecological development of ZB. So far, voting for listing has grown to be one of the most important and common modes of listing in the industry.

ZB has always adhered to the concept of “user first”, gathered high quality resources in the industry, promoted the rapid landing and development of high-quality blockchain projects, and strictly controlled the number and quality of coin types on the line, and evaluated the project in multiple dimensions. Including technology innovation, community activity, global influence, team strength, etc., comprehensive evaluation projects, preferentially choose projects with greater influence, broad user base, and better liquidity.

The three projects eligible for this round’s community vote are:


1. Project introduction:ORBS is a decentralized blockchain architecture, providing blockchain support for mainstream applications and pushing it to the mass market, such as payment, social networking, gaming, online advertising, and other fields. ORBS is extensible, secure, and can quickly iterate and provide API interfaces, and is committed to becoming a blockchain 3.0 architecture.

2. Official website :https://www.orbs.com/

3. White paper:https://www.orbs.com/white-papers/

4.Token Info

Full name: ORBS

Total Supply:10000000000 OBRS

Launch time:2019–04–03

DSF(DSF Token)

1. Project introduction:DSF blockchain is a decentralized social financial network. It has a social platform based on the blockchain identity. The social relationship data of all social platforms are uploaded to the chain, and decentralized financial wallets are linked through smart contracts to realize a blockchain world restructured based on real-life social relationships.

2. 2. Official website:https://dsft.io/

3. White paper:https://dsft.io/DSFChain(EN).pdf

4. Token Info

Full name:DSF

Total Supply:10000000000 DSF

Launch time:2018–04–01


1. Project introduction:Enigma’s technologies help solve these challenges by keeping all data used for computations encrypted and secure. This means more value, more opportunity, and more usability. Enigma is a core contributor to the Secret Network, working to expand the capabilities of the network and Secret Apps.

2. Official website:https://www.enigma.co/

3. White paper: https://www.enigma.co/enigma_catalyst.pdf

4. Token Info

Full name:Enigma

Total Supply:150000000 ENG

Launch time:2017–04–14

Voting Rules:

1. Participation conditions: All platform users holding ZB token, 1ZB = 1 vote.

2. ZB users use ZB Tokens to vote, and the project that gets more than 2,000,000 ZB votes will be eligible for listing. The qualified projects will be listed for trading in the order of reaching the requirements. Users can support more than one project, and the vote can’t be canceled.

3. Results announced: For projects eligible for listing on the ZB platform, the ZB tokens obtained from the vote will be locked to the ZB user protection fund and publicized.

4. Points for attention: The projects in the voting list do not sell the token share. Therefore, this round of voting will not offer project token for purchasing, and the vote will not have token rewards. If the projects fail to meet the listing standards, then no project will be listed. In such a case, the ZB Tokens used for voting will be returned after the voting deadline.

The right to interpret the above rules belongs to ZB. Thank you for your long-term support! Users are also welcome to give us valuable opinions!

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Once the voting is officially started, you can

Click the link to enter the voting page: https://vip.zb.live/vote​​​



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