ZBian Profile — Angela

3 min readJun 29, 2022

Hey Angela, it’s a pleasure to talk to you!

A: Hey!!

Tell us all a little bit about yourself firstly so we can get to know you better.

A: My name is Angela. I am currently an Electrical and Electronics Eng. graduate from Heriot Watt University which is based in Dubai. I have been here in Dubai for almost 20 years. I have done my schooling in The Indian High School, Dubai.

What does a typical weekend look like for you?

A: Most of my weekends are calm. I will be at home with my family watching movies and TV series. Some weekends I would go out with my friends for long drives/food.

Where is one place in the world you recommend people go and see?

A: India. It is so rich in culture and tradition. It has every type of landscape, mountains, desserts, islands, metropolitan cities and many more. One could experience all most all types of climates and season. India has so many places to explore and so many different types of food to eat.

Onto your current position with ZB, what’s your role in the team? How long have you been with the company for?

A:I am an Marketing Assistant in the ZB Team. I have been in this company for 9 months.

What were your first impressions of the company when you joined?

A: I had good impression about the company when I had joined. I knew the company had a future. The staff was very friendly and welcoming

What does a typical day in the office look like for you?

A: I would attend meetings with Team. I would do mostly researching on so many different topics.

What was your experience with cryptocurrency before you joined ZB?

A: I had zero knowledge about cryptocurrency. I had just heard from my friends about cryptocurrency, and I used to hear on social media sometimes.

What do you feel like you want to achieve with the company from a personal perspective?

A: I like to gain more experience on how a company works, what happens in a company. I would like to achieve the knowledge about cryptocurrency in depth.

What’s next for ZB? Where do you see it heading?

A: I see a future in the company. I can see it going to make to the top 10 exchanges in the world. Obviously, this will happen with a combine effort and hard work from every member here

And what about crypto in general? What does the future hold for it?

A: Crypto is very promising. More people are engaged with it and do want to know more. People are getting influenced by the mechanisms of DeFi and hence jumping and investing in different virtual assets.

And finally…you’ve got one last meal. What are you having?

A: That’s a very difficult question honestly. I would love to have a good cheesy chicken BBQ Pizza with McDonalds fries on the side.

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