ZBian Profile — Youssef

So we had a conversation with Youssef from ZB team, Here’s how it went…

Hey Youssef, it’s a pleasure to talk to you!

Y: Hello, happy to talk to you too!

Tell us all a little bit about yourself firstly so we can get to know you better.

Y: Youssef here, a business administration graduate. I got my degree from the Lebanese university in Lebanon, I took the Finance option for my last year’s courses, though I always wanted to pursue a marketing related career, which happened during my studies as I worked as marketing head at Ibrahim Mobile Service shop.

What does a typical weekend look like for you?

Y: I would say a typical weekend would be hanging out with my friends, go out for a nice dinner or grab a drink, maybe go to the beach. Nothing really special, as I enjoy these little moments, and I don’t need a big occasion to have fun and ease my mind.

Where is one place in the world you recommend people go and see?

Y: As a Lebanese, it has been my life mission to spread the word about the beauty of Lebanon. Ican never think of any answer other than Beirut. One thing I always tell my foreign friends is that you can never tell how beautiful Lebanon is until you go there yourself, and experience its mountains, beaches, night life, views and people — no matter how much you see or read about it

Onto your current position with ZB, what’s your role in the team? How long have you been with the company for?

Y: I have been a part of the ZB team for one month now, as a growth marketing specialist.

What were your first impressions of the company when you joined?

Y: As soon as I got my job offer, I was actually really excited for the opportunity to work as a marketeer in the finance industry, combining two of my favorite fields. Within a short period of time, I felt comfortable working with an amazing friendly team, and it already feels like I have been working here for a long time. ZB is still new to the area, but I do believe we have the potential to grow drastically.

What does a typical day in the office look like for you?

Y: A day in the office would be, each individual performing his tasks and duties while also cooperating and working together, to deliver these tasks in the best way possible. And of course, side chats to ease any stresses and build friendships.

What was your experience with cryptocurrency before you joined ZB?

Y: As a young university student, I have always been up to date with the digital world. So, when I first heard about cryptocurrency, I immediately wanted to try it for myself, which I did after learning and doing my research about it. I personally tried crypto trading alongside more longer term
investing. Also, during my last occupation, we offered P2P merchant services which I had to advertise.

What do you feel like you want to achieve with the company from a personal perspective?

Y: As part of a new office in Dubai that is aiming to expand in the MENA region, what I would like to achieve is to play a key part of that expansion, help it grow, and touch results. I consider my job to be goal-reaching, and not a duty. Once I see how my work paid off, that’s when I feel rewarded.

What’s next for ZB? Where do you see it heading?

Y: ZB’s expansion is inevitable, Crypto is already in greater demand, and sooner or later, it will be adopted on a wider scale. It is up to us to take our place in the market, and keep working hard for a better one.

And what about crypto in general? What does the future hold for it?

Y: Mass adoption takes time, people are afraid of the uncertain, patience is key, but crypto will eventually get there, because it will be the safest option out there. What is for sure, is that crypto’s future is bright.

And finally…you’ve got one last meal. What are you having?

Y: I will probably be having a nice Chicken Alfredo Pasta.



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